Dear Shapewear Diary: Thoughts about the Shapewear Experience V

17 Nov

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By Eva Ceinture
Cupid Intimates

This is the fifth in a series of blog posts conveying one woman’s thoughts about shapewear.

Torsette / Comfortable Firm® Control

Dear Shapewear Diary,

Brrr!  It’s getting cold outside!  Since I’m cold-blooded, I get chilly fast, and given that I produce so little heat of my own, the idea of adding a layer of shapewear sounded great!  So, for my next shapewear experience, I decided to wear a torsette.  A torsette is a silhouette that’s also known as an under-bust camisole.  I wore it to work under a long-sleeve, lightweight sweater and slacks, and liked how smooth and firm I felt.  Its Comfortable Firm® control shaped and smoothed me.  This level of control seems like a good choice for anyone who wants to be shaped and smoothed over a long period of time.  I’d advise any woman who’s new to shapewear to try a Comfortable Firm® control garment instead of one providing extra firm control because it’ll probably give her the look she wants with a feel that’s not so intense.

From my experience wearing a shape cami, I knew I wanted to wear a light control bottom of some sort to accompany the torsette.  So, I chose a smoothing brief, featuring a reinforcement panel glued to its front (for a little tummy control).  This two-piece shapewear combo turned out to be very comfortable on a cold day.  The extra layer kept me warm without adding bulk.  I liked that the set acted as a bodybriefer alternative.  I wore the torsette with a light control long leg on another day with slightly clingier pants, and I liked that combo too.  If someone had a top and bottom that were out of proportion to each other, and a bodybriefer couldn’t work well as a result, I’d suggest this combination.  It would also be good for someone who doesn’t like a hook-and-eye, or split, crotch on her shapewear.

A torsette is scooped low in the front to give its owner the ability to wear any bra with it, but it also smoothes the midriff, waist, and back.  The one I wore had a seamless, silicone finish along its bottom edge that kept it in place and prevented any lines from showing through my outfit.  Although counterintuitive, one thing I found was that, if I placed the bottom of the torsette against my skin and the pant on top, the silicone edge worked like a charm.

It’s important when wearing a torsette to make sure that its straps, and those of the bra, aren’t visible.  Visible straps aren’t classy, and multiple sets look even worse!  I tried on a different torsette recently and it didn’t lie flatly like the one I have.  The scooped front bunched up when I adjusted it to fit against my skin and the garment otherwise floated, creating a gap of space.  Undergarments should never float!

Many women like wearing torsettes as parts of their everyday wardrobe.  I work with several women who often wear them because they lift the bust, hold in the tummy and sides, and enhance any hourglass shape.  One even admits to wearing a torsette every day.  She likes them so much she’s practically a spokesperson for the silhouette.  I do think that the torsette is ideal for post-pregnancy moms, as it can address their typical problem spots but allow them to wear nursing bras.

The biggest limitation of the torsette is the presence of its straps.  As with bra straps, I had to pay attention to the neckline of my outfit to make sure they weren’t visible.  Both thin and wide straps have advantages, so make sure to decide which kind you want before you make your purchase.  Thinner straps are obviously easier to hide, allowing one to wear outfits with thinner straps or, possibly, wider necklines (depending on where the straps attach and lie).  Wider straps are more functional, as they provide better back smoothing and more comfort.  They may also work better for women with larger cup sizes.  The torsette I chose had wide, cushioned straps that ended high up in the back.  A high back provides total back smoothing by eliminating any lumps at the top edge of the torsette and preventing shoulder muffins from forming.

Overall, the concept and performance of the torsette are good.  And, variations to the standard silhouette are available, such as the torsette bodybriefer (that has an attached brief or long-leg bottom), and the torsette slip.  Since I wore the torsette all day and was very comfortable the whole time, I think I’ll try a torsette bodybriefer sometime soon to compare what it’s like wearing it to what it’s like wearing separates.  Whether dealing with hot weather or chilly winds, I’ve found shapewear of different types to meet my needs!

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