Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Visible Panty Lines

19 Apr

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By Marcy Montgomery Jones
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Why do we get visible panty lines (VPLs)?  VPLs appear when a bulky edge finish on our underwear rests between our buttocks and our tightly-fitting fashions.  The cut and construction of panties are the two most important variables in determining whether or not VPLs will appear.  When they do appear, you have two choices.  The first is to disguise them.  This can be done by wearing heavier fabrics (like denim), wearing prints to distract the eyes, or wearing loosely-fitting or billowy clothing.  But merely disguising panty lines limits one’s wardrobe and can result in fashion choices inappropriate for a variety of settings.  The second option is to eliminate them.  Here are the five most common ways of eliminating visible panty lines, and the pros and cons associated with each one.

1. Don’t Wear Underwear

Pro:  Going commando is the only guaranteed way to get rid of panty lines.

Con:  Depending on the outer garment, show-through can become an issue because of thin, sheer, or lightly colored fabrics.  This can be the case when wearing leggings or gym pants.

2. Choose Panties with Laser-Cut Edges

Pro:  Typically, laser-cut panties are designed with only one ply of fabric and use no elastic or thread to finish the legs, thereby creating very little bulk.

Con:  There isn’t an anchor to hold the panties in place, so the panties often bunch and create wedgies.

3. Wear a Boy Short Silhouette

Pro:  The legs of these panties lie around the legs, not on the cheeks themselves, thereby moving the lines of demarcation lower down on the wearer’s body.

Con:  Some people think this silhouette is matronly, because it provides such full coverage for the body.  Boy shorts from different designers often fit very differently; finding the right pair for your body might take a few trial-and-error attempts.

4. Wear a Thong

Pro:  Thongs sit on the body above where most skirts and pants cling to the rump.

Con:  Some people find thongs uncomfortable.  Also people may prefer garments with more modest cuts.

5. Wear Panties Made with Silicone Instead of Elastic

Pro:  These panties use a very thin layer of silicone on the edges of the legs to anchor them to the body.  And, they only use one layer of fabric.

Con:  The existence of these panties isn’t widely known among consumers.   And, they aren’t yet available in all retail locations.

Whether you combat, disguise, or deny their existence, visible panty lines are part of the modern woman’s wardrobe.  How you handle them is up to you.  What do you do to get rid of your panty lines?

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