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3 Tips for Trying on Shapewear

31 Dec

By Joann M.
Cupid Intimates

Trying on shapewear before buying it is essential; however, the experience can be frustrating.  Here are three quick tips you can use to make the process a more pleasant and successful one:

Tip #1 – If you aren’t wearing a dress when shopping for shapewear in a department store, grab a nightgown from the sleepwear section before going into the fitting room.  Slipping on a clingy cotton or satin nightie over your shaper will quickly show you whether you’ve chosen the right style and control level.  The mirror will unremorsefully display any lines or bulges that still need to be corrected.  You’ll have the chance to try on several styles until you find the one that does the best job of eliminating those flaws.  This trick also works well when looking for new bras.  Just grab a T-shirt, instead of a nightgown.  Try it on over the bras to see whether it delivers the look you want.  Remember, helping you look good in your clothes is ultimately what intimate apparel is all about. […]

No More Wedgies or VPLs

29 Dec

By Monica S. Meyer
Cupid Intimates


Have you ever thought to yourself: “If society can create cell phones, the internet, and space travel, why can’t it come up with solutions to the age-old, twin panty problems of wedgies and VPLs?”

Like all women, I had experienced these problems since I was a little girl.  My mother used to love to tell a story that haunts me to this day.  When I was five, while performing in a dance recital, the movement of my routine gave me a wedgie.  Since I was only five, despite dancing in the front row, I immediately stopped and did what seemed logical at the time – I “corrected” my wedgie.  My mother was quite embarrassed; of course, she later had no problem retelling this story to many people, including several of my boyfriends. […]

The Perfect Piece of Shapewear? The Key Is Controlling Stretch.

24 Dec

By David Welsch
Cupid Intimates

If you’re like most women, there’s at least one aspect of your figure with which you’re unhappy.  Perhaps you’re looking for a flatter tummy, or smaller hips and thighs; you might want to eliminate some back fat or smooth away a muffin top; or maybe you desire a bit more shape for your derriere.

Many women deal with what they perceive to be their figure flaws by choosing to wear certain outfits that hide them.  That is certainly one way to deal with them.  But that strategy places limits on the kinds of fashions that can be worn.  A better way to deal with figure flaws, while maintaining “fashion freedom,” is to wear the right piece of shapewear.


Tug of War No More: The End of the Workout Wedgie

22 Dec

tug-of-war-shapewearBy MaryJo Kosisher-Demski
TC® Fine Intimates

Maybe you’ve just made your latest New Year’s resolution to lose weight.  Or perhaps you’re a bona fide “gym rat” and the staff at your gym knows you by name, sending out an APB any time you miss a cardio session.  Regardless of where you fall on the exercise continuum, the very last thing you want to experience whilst you’re climbing the StairMaster ®, or jogging on the treadmill, is the dreaded “wedgie.” […]