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How to Keep Black Lingerie Its Blackest

29 Jul

By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

If you’re like most women, your wardrobe contains at least a few pieces of black lingerie.  Black panties, bras, and pieces of shapewear are classic and sexy, and are great to wear under the most stylish of fashions, or your favorite sweater and pair of jeans.  But like other darkly-colored clothes, black underwear is prone to fading when washed over time.  Fortunately, there’s a variety of tricks you can use to help your panties, bras, and shapewear retain their original rich, black color as long as possible. […]

In Honor of the Girdle

27 Jul

By Adam Welsch
Miraclesuit® Shapewear

Though fast disappearing from the contemporary lexicon of American English, the term “girdle” was for decades a ubiquitous term in the realm of women’s foundation garments.  Today, the term “shapewear” has supplanted it, and modern shapewear often bears little resemblance to the heavily stitched and thickly paneled girdles your grandmother wore.  Still, if you slip and use the word “girdle” when referring to a piece of modern shapewear, no one will have trouble understanding you.   After all, the girdle occupies an almost iconic standing, infused as it is with both a sense of nostalgia and a hint of humor.  To honor its membership in the pantheon of lingerie terms, here’s a collection of quotes referencing the garment that bridged the gap between traditional corsets and modern shapewear. […]

Why Do Bra Straps Fall Down?

22 Jul

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

Do you find yourself constantly pulling up your bra straps?  This issue vexes many ladies and limits their ability to build diverse bra wardrobes.  So why do bra straps fall off shoulders in the first place?  There are several possible reasons, and each one has a straightforward solution.

First, the shape of your body’s frame, particularly the slope of your shoulders, may simply make you prone to this phenomenon.  You won’t be able to alter your anatomy, but maintaining good posture will help.  Remember to keep your back straight, and your shoulders back, as much as possible. […]

Bras, Panties, and LCVGs:
Women’s Underwear in Outer Space

20 Jul

By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

July 20th has been a pretty busy day in the field of space exploration over the past five decades.  In 1969, humans walked on the moon for the first time.  In 1976, the Viking 1 Lander touched down on the surface of Mars and marked the start of human exploration of the Red Planet.  And, in 1994, the world watched as at least four of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9’s twenty-three fragments crashed into Jupiter’s southern hemisphere, producing one of the most memorable cosmological events of the twentieth century.  Given the importance of this day as it relates to outer space, it seems the right time to devote some of this blog’s attention to the types of underwear a female astronaut wears on her inner space when performing work that’s simply out of this world. […]