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Shapewear Delivers That 24 Carrot Easter Look

21 Apr

By Rachel Rumsey
Naomi & Nicole®

Whether you’ll be meeting up with that same old group, or starting a new tradition, you may be wondering how to put some extra “hop” in your Easter/spring look.  Easter’s been a stylish holiday for many, many years since it traditionally involves giving, and looking, your best to honor the significance of a very special occasion.  A surefire way to up your look from 14 to 24 “Carrots” is to smooth out your silhouette with shapewear.  Whether you choose to don a fancy hat, or wear a spring dress, you’ll find that eliminating lumps with shapewear gives you greater confidence to enjoy the festivities. […]

Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Visible Panty Lines

19 Apr

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
TC® Fine Intimates

Why do we get visible panty lines (VPLs)?  VPLs appear when a bulky edge finish on our underwear rests between our buttocks and our tightly-fitting fashions.  The cut and construction of panties are the two most important variables in determining whether or not VPLs will appear.  When they do appear, you have two choices.  The first is to disguise them.  This can be done by wearing heavier fabrics (like denim), wearing prints to distract the eyes, or wearing loosely-fitting or billowy clothing.  But merely disguising panty lines limits one’s wardrobe and can result in fashion choices inappropriate for a variety of settings.  The second option is to eliminate them.  Here are the five most common ways of eliminating visible panty lines, and the pros and cons associated with each one. […]

The Newest Shapewear Silhouette Helps You Put Your Best Foot Forward

1 Apr

By Adam Welsch
Naomi & Nicole®

If you’re like many women, you probably enjoy adding new shoes to your wardrobe.  But finding shoes that are comfortable, as well as cute and stylish, can sometimes seem impossible.  How many times have thought you found just the pair you were looking for, only to try them on and think, “Couldn’t they have made the toes (or backs) just a little wider?”  The good news is that makers of shapewear have finally created a new silhouette that addresses what had been the final, neglected shaping problem for women – foot flab.  Coinciding with the arrival of new spring shoe collections, foot sculptors – like arm shapers, waist cinchers, and thigh slimmers before them – are now appearing in intimates departments and lingerie shops promising to slim and smooth feet just like yours. […]