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Short or Small, Shapewear Is for All

29 Oct

By Andrea D.
Cupid Intimates

Conventional wisdom says that only full-figured women need to wear shapewear.   I disagree.  With today’s fashions, it’s very hard to prevent personal imperfections from showing through clothes, and all women have something they don’t like about their bodies.    Regardless of size, we all want to look and feel good.  Shapewear can do wonders too for smaller women – those who wear sizes small and medium. […]

Reclaim Your Hourglass

27 Oct

By Monica S. Meyer
Cupid Intimates

Close your eyes.  Remember when you were in your 20’s and early 30’s, and you saw your body as an elegantly-shaped hourglass?  You had full, perky breasts, a tiny waist, and voluptuous hips – a figure sought after by the opposite sex.  Maybe you’ve been lucky.  Maybe you’ve worked hard.  Maybe you still have that same shape today.  Unfortunately, for most of us who are 35 and older, that idealized image of the hourglass isn’t visible when we open our eyes and look at ourselves today.  Instead, we see breasts that are sagging, waists that have expanded, and hips – heaven forbid – that are narrower than our waists. […]

Do You See the Muffin Top?

22 Oct

By Joann M.
Naomi & Nicole®


We’ve all had this happen to us – we put on our favorite pair of jeans and watch in horror as a big bulge of flesh appears just above its top as we try to fasten the button.  Or, we put on a piece of shapewear to control our tummy and cringe as we see that what we didn’t like about our tummy now sits like a roll at our waist, above the top of the brief.

This issue is so common that it’s become immortalized in pop culture today as “The Muffin Top.”

Fortunately, there are shapewear solutions that eliminate this problem. […]

The Control Levels of Shapewear

20 Oct

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates


You have a special occasion coming up. Perhaps you’re a bridesmaid. Maybe you’re giving a presentation. Possibly, you decided to introduce yourself to that cute, mysterious neighbor who’s always walking his dog. You have the perfect outfit and now you want the perfect body.  You go to the shapewear section of your most beloved department store and you see that there are so many choices! “What is all this stuff, I just want to look hot,” you think to yourself. You’d like some help with the many questions coming to mind. […]