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Why Shapewear and Bras Work Better with Seams

24 Nov

Seamless ShapewearBy Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

When trying to imagine the perfect item of intimate apparel you might envision something that controls or supports, while being comfortable, smooth, and seamless. But when considering buying seamless shapewear or seamless bras, be careful. Seams are the backbones of these types of garments.


Create Spectacular Wedding Pictures with Shapewear

19 Nov

By Lynn B.
Cupid Intimates

Whether you’re going to be a bride, a mother of a bride or groom, or a member of a wedding party, you have to be prepared to pose for a lot of wedding pictures.  When viewing those shots after the wedding day, don’t let yourself regret not wearing some kind of lingerie under your dress to smooth out your lumps & bumps, or reduce that bulge around your middle.  There are a number of shapewear styles – everything ranging from lightweight, smoothing garments to extra-firm-control, shaping ones – that will help you look your absolute best in those pictures some of us dread looking at for years after the big day. […]

Why You Need a Wardrobe of Shapewear

17 Nov

By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates


Have you ever had trouble sleeping late at night, turned on the TV, and run across one of those shapewear infomercials that promised that one revolutionary garment could solve all of your figure-improvement needs?  Or, have you ever browsed through a lingerie department and thought, “Why do they make so many different kinds of shapewear?  Who’d ever need all of that?”  The fact is that the wide variety of products available to shape, control, and smooth a woman’s figure serves an equally wide variety of purposes that no one garment (or even a few) can serve by itself.  Shapewear’s no different than the outerwear fashions it complements – it’s a category of apparel that’s most useful and enjoyable when its many different components are collected as an ensemble and worn on different occasions. […]

Panty Fabrics 101

12 Nov

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Naomi & Nicole®

Whatever happened to good ol’ sensible 100% cotton panties? All of the fabric names and blends that you might see today on your panty’s label can make your head spin. Let’s decode the mystery so you know what’s up down there.


  • Organic Cotton is cotton grown without pesticides and is derived from plants that haven’t been genetically altered.
  • Pima Cotton is a generic name for premium, extra-long-fiber cotton that’s grown mostly in the U.S., Australia, and Peru. Pima was previously called American-Egyptian cotton but was renamed for the Pima Indians who were growing it for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Arizona. The primary difference between Pima cotton and regular cotton is that Pima has longer and stronger fibers. It feels silk-like and has a very fine weave. It’s also very absorbent.
  • Mercerized Cotton goes through a finishing process that swells the yarn of the fabric to give it a round, smooth surface and prevents the cotton from shrinking further. This process results in a stronger and more lustrous yarn that’s more easily dyed and is capable of holding brighter, deeper colors.