Customize Your Bust Support by Choosing a Torsette

23 Sep

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By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

Some women get attached to their bras.  As a tween, before the boom of online retailing, I remember the day my mother found out that her favorite bra style had been discontinued.  She was devastated.  But she knew that she had to act quickly, so I became a captive on my mother’s desperate trek to scavenge every last unit of that style left in stores in our vast metropolitan area.  At that time, I didn’t understand her frustration, and couldn’t appreciate it until later in my life.

For women looking for shapewear, the bodybriefer is often a great one-step solution.  It’s a garment that combines a shaping bottom with a built-in bra on top.  It gives the wearer a beautiful, smooth silhouette, and provides control for both the upper and lower parts of the torso.  The problem is that it forces the wearer to accept its bra cups.   This makes it unacceptable to many consumers – like my mom – who idolize their bras, and also seek shapewear solutions to address several problem areas at once.

Fortunately, today’s selection of intimate apparel offers a solution for women who want all-over results, but are very particular about the bras they wear.  It’s the torsette.  The torsette smoothes the midriff, tummy, and back, and is designed with a deep “U-shaped” front that allows the bust to be supported and shaped by a separate bra.

The torsette allows wearers to customize their intimates ensemble and make the most of their outer fashions.  For example you can choose to wear a push-up, minimizing, plunge, full-coverage, demi-cup, or T-shirt bra with a torsette, depending on your personal preferences and the needs of your outfit on any particular day.

The torsette-bra combination also provides an advantage to women whose breast-to-body proportions are atypical.  For those whom Mother Nature has given a large bust and a small torso (or vice versa), a bodybriefer that fits properly is a difficult item to find.  That’s because bodybriefers are designed using a standard cup-to-body ratio.  Similarly, women who have had breast augmentation or reduction surgeries, and those who’ve had mastectomies, also have hard times finding all-in-one shapers that are comfortable and function well.  If you fall into any of these categories, you’ll likely find the torsette to be a particularly valuable wardrobe addition.

When it comes to bust-support customization, the torsette is the most versatile, all-in-one shapewear option available.  Whether you own one treasured bra, love plunging necklines, or have breast-to-body proportions that are out of the norm, the torsette is the garment you’ve been waiting for.

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