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5 Reasons Breasts Can Change in Size and Shape

28 Sep

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

Statistics say that your breasts will likely change in size and shape six times over the course of your lifetime.  Since your bra size will change six times too, it’s important to be familiar with the 14 signs that indicate that the bra you’re wearing may not fit you correctly.  After all, you want to make sure that you don’t suffer any ill effects from a poorly-fitting one.  But what causes those changes in size and shape?  Let’s looks at five of the more common reasons. […]

Pregnancy and Bra Size: One Woman’s Story

16 Feb

By MaryJo Kosisher-Demski
Cupid Intimates

You’re late, you’re late, and it’s not for an important date.  Congrats – you’ve just been told you’re about to be a momma!  Now, you’re facing nine months of turbulent emotions, topsy-turvy hormones, odd cravings, baby names, strangers patting your expanding belly as if you’re the Buddha, and other crazy changes you just can’t fathom … such as breasts growing to an unbelievable size.

While I’ve yet to take the dive into motherhood myself, I have plenty of friends who are moms or moms-to-be.  And to my vexed amusement, for many of them, my connection to the intimate apparel industry has somehow morphed me into a cross between Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Jack Welch.  At the expense of TMI, they’ve offered great “real world” observations about lingerie and shapewear, including opinions about which products need to be improved upon for the masses. […]