Which Torsette Is Right for You?

6 Sep

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By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

You may already know that the torsette is one of the latest styles of shapewear.  But did you know that torsette styling is available in a myriad of silhouette variations?  Torsettes are made for women who want to wear their own bras with shapewear.  They smooth the same places camisoles smooth, but include no material over the bust area.  This design solves a problem for women who have large or small breasts, or have difficulty finding properly-fitting shapers with the correct cup size.  It also helps women who are top heavy and want to wear all-in-one shapers that give the proper amount of control around the back, tummy, thigh, and midriff areas.  In addition to providing these solutions, the torsette allows customers to choose from plunge, push-up, demi, balconette, full-coverage, minimizing, or any other types of bras to ensure coordination with their fashions, moods, or audiences. 

So which torsette silhouette is right for you?  The following list outlines the various types and their differences:

Torsette – The original, this version will cover and smooth your back and waist.  It may or may not have a hook-and-eye front closure.  Some women say that the torsette helps improve their posture and gives their bustline a lift.  But whether or not you experience these results will depend on how well your particular torsette is designed.  If you’re looking for one of these benefits, make sure you visit a lingerie department and try on the shaper before buying it.

Torsette Slip – This version provides all of the benefits of the traditional torsette, but includes a hem that comes down to the mid-thigh area.  It will smooth your back, tummy, hips, and waist.  This silhouette may or may not have a panty built into it.  Look for torsette slips with a silicone finish on the hem, since it will prevent ride-up when you’re walking.  Unlike elastics, a silicone edge also has the added benefit of not adding extra bulk or creating lines that will show through your outfit.

Torsette Bodybriefer – Like a conventional bodybriefer, this style smoothes your body from your upper back, through your midriff and tummy, down to your rear.  Unlike a conventional bodybriefer, you can wear your own bra.  It has an adjustable hook-and-eye closure on the gusset to simplify matters when using the restroom.  This style is so versatile that it can be worn to the office or out on the town for dinner.

Torsette Thigh Slimmer – This garment provides the greatest coverage of all the torsette silhouettes.  It will smooth your back, midriff, hips, and thighs.  It typically has an open gusset that’s useful when nature calls.

Choosing a torsette is a wise decision, since you’ll get more use, and greater value, from your bra wardrobe.   However, if you want cups to be part of your garment, bodybriefers or shaping camisoles are available in the assortments of most shapewear departments.

What other shapewear styles would you like to wear with your own bra?

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