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What to Wear under Your Bridesmaid Dress

24 Mar

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

For sports fans, this time of year brings the start of the baseball season.  For others among us, spring means the start of the wedding season.  I’m at that time in my life when attendance at, or being an attendant in, a wedding occurs so frequently that I consider it a sport.  I have to prepare, tone up, and suit up to get ready for each big dance.  Sound familiar?  Many women become stumped when trying to figure out what to wear under most of their 27 Dresses.  If you count yourself among them, here are a few helpful hints that should cut down on the confusion surrounding which intimates to wear under your bridesmaid or maid-of-honor dresses. […]

Time Marches On with Girdles, Bras, & Panties

3 Mar

By Adam Welsch
Miraclesuit® Shapewear

Today marks the 88th anniversary of the publication of the inaugural edition of TIME® Magazine, America’s first weekly news magazine.  As a fixture of newsstands, libraries, waiting rooms, and coffee tables across the country, TIME® has played a central role in the coverage of political, economic, foreign-affairs, and scientific news.  But it’s also covered stories related to pop culture and lifestyles, including the latest developments from the world of fashion.  And concerns related to women’s underwear have been no exception.  In fact, looking back through the magazine’s archives takes one on a fascinating trip through the history of women’s intimates during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Here, then, is a sampling of what TIME® has reported about girdles, bras, and panties across the decades: […]

Shapewear Makes Any Gown Red-Carpet Ready

1 Mar

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Naomi & Nicole®

Sunday night was full of glamour and grace at the 2011 Academy Awards®.  Whether you watched the Oscars® for the awards, the speeches, or the red-carpet display, you couldn’t ignore the beautiful gowns.  Since the fashion seen Sunday will trickle down into our wardrobes in the coming months, let’s dissect the intimates needed for these hot trends so you’ll be ready for your big night. […]

India: Infinite Interest in Innerwear

9 Dec

By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

If you ask ten people where they think the greatest untapped source of demand for intimate apparel is based, all ten might answer, “China.”  With the world’s largest population and fastest growing economy, “China” certainly seems like a good answer.  But China isn’t the only developing country with enormous potential for underwear consumption.  An better response might be “India.”  The Indian market for innerwear, as intimate apparel is commonly referred to from Delhi to Mumbai, is set to explode due to the country’s inevitable, enormous, economic growth and the changing attitudes, demographics, and roles of Indian women. […]