Torsettes – The Hottest Things in Shapewear

25 Mar

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By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

As demand has grown in recent years for shapewear that targets the upper body, new silhouettes have been developed to meet it.  One such silhouette has become the hottest thing in shapewear today.  It’s called the torsette.  If you’ve never seen a torsette, it’s shapewear that resembles the black garment worn by the St. Pauli Girl.  While off of the body it looks a bit odd – as if something’s missing from its front – torsettes can do a great job of transforming the way your upper body appears under clothes.

So what exactly does a torsette do?  Several things.  It controls back fat.  Due to its coverage of the upper back and the areas below the shoulder blades, it eliminates spillage of back fat over your bra wings.  It also creates a smoother look for your upper back, as it conceals the lines created by the straps, wings, slides, and rings of your bra.  And since it wraps around the front of your torso, from below your bust to your hips, it provides control of the midriff and tummy, and gives greater definition to your waiste.  As you can see, it addresses many of the problems for which women normally buy shapewear.

You might be thinking, “Big deal, my bodybriefer or control cami can do those things.  Why do I need another piece of shapewear to handle those problems?”  That’s a great question.  The answer lies in the fact that the torsette has several advantages over both of those other silhouettes.  First, since it’s worn along with one, you don’t have to sacrifice your own, favorite bra, as you would with a bodybriefer or a cami, in order to gain upper-body shaping.  This gives you the freedom to wear different types of bras, depending on the looks you’re trying to achieve, while gaining the results of upper-body shapewear.   And due to the way its cut, the torsette accommodates the wide range of cup sizes worn today.  The bottom line is that it works with your bra, not in place of it.  Second, the torsette is easier to fit than a bodybriefer.  Since it’s not a complete body suit, it fits women of all torso lengths, even those that are especially long or short.  And, because it’s worn with your own bra, it provides a better fit for women whose upper and lower bodies aren’t in proportion to each other.  Third, unlike a bodybriefer, it doesn’t become an encumbrance when using the restroom.  Fourth, for those with fuller busts, the torsette delivers the back fat, midriff, and tummy control of a cami, but does so while providing proper breast support, eliminating the dreaded “cami smush.”  Also, since its top sits just below the bra cups, the torsette can function as a “soft underwire” for extra bust support.  And, fuller-busted customers often have trouble finding bodybriefers with cup sizes large enough to provide a comfortable fit.  Since the torsette requires the accompaniment of a bra, this problem doesn’t exist.

Of course, not all torsettes are created equally.  For example, torsettes are available in styles that fasten in front across the midriff, but they’re also available in styles that can be stepped into and pulled up over the body.  These latter styles have no hooks-and-eyes; therefore, they deliver a completely smooth look and feel, making them a great option to wear under tighter-fitting fashions.  Torsettes are also available in styles that have a silicone edge at the bottom.  This feature allows them to stay in place all day long, providing optimal waist, midriff, and tummy control.  Other brands feature torsettes with comfort straps that provide a completely smooth look under clothes (as they also don’t have hooks-and-eyes) and prevent the garment from digging into the shoulders and torso areas under, and around, the arms.

So, if your shapewear drawer currently includes only a brief, long leg, and/or bodybriefer, it may just be time to expand your lineup to include a torsette.  It’s sure to add a little heat to your wardrobe.

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