The Right Shapewear for Dressing Sexy

14 Feb

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By Marcy Montgomery
Naomi & Nicole®

“Dressing sexy” means many different things to many different people.  A sheer blouse or form-fitting pair of pants can be good examples of sexy clothes.  However, for purposes of this post, “dressing sexy” is all about wearing the eye-popping, head-turning sort of an outfit that one packs for a trip to Las Vegas.  Such sexy dress styles can feature low-cut necklines, super-short hemlines, or special fabrics that cling or have an eye-catching shine.  So choosing the right shaper for these heart-racing frocks is of paramount importance.  The proper shapewear can take the right dress or gown, from merely form-fitting, to va-va-voom!   Not sure for what you should be on the lookout?  Not to worry.  The intimates advice below will help you maximize your sex appeal when wearing the following types of alluring fashions: 

Low-Cut Outfits

Low-cut outfits are sexy on most women; they’re a great way to be feminine and enticing.  One great shapewear silhouette to wear with such outfits is the torsette.  It’s become very popular in the last couple of years.  This style slims the back, and allows the wearer to choose her own bra that will coordinate well with her fashion.  For example, when a plunge, push-up, or balconette bra is needed to create a showstopping décolletage, an open-bust shaper, like the torsette, is the way to go.  When coordinating with a dress, the best torsette silhouettes are the torsette thigh slimmer, torsette bodybriefer, and torsette slip.  These styles slim the entire back, tummy, hips, waist, and midriff.  Also, depending on the design of the torsette, a panty may be incorporated into it, thereby preventing VPLs.

Super-Short Hemlines

Rising hemlines have been very popular over the last few years, and thanks to tights, hosiery, and tall boots, mini dresses no longer have to be worn only during the summer months.   Boy leg and brief styles of shapewear work best with such daring hemlines.  When selecting your shapewear for these fashions, make sure to look for styles featuring silicone edges that deliver no-ride, no-line performance; with so little room for error, you’ll need your shaper to stay in place!  Shapewear briefs are available in waistline, hi-waist, torsette, and bodybriefer styles.  Boy leg shapers most often come in waistline versions.

Clingy Knits

Clingy knits flatter and flaunt curves; but, they can also expose those curves we’d rather keep to ourselves.  Choosing shapewear that targets those unwanted bumps can give your ensemble a smoother look and, you, greater confidence.  Look for special online tools – that take into consideration both body type and fashion challenges – to help you find the right shapewear to address your undesirable bulges.

Shiny Fabrics

Shiny or shimmery fabrics are great for special occasions.  They draw attention and catch the light which, unfortunately for some of us, creates highlights and shadows on our bumps and pooches.  Shapewear helps smooth the body and mitigate the severity of light refraction. If your tummy protrudes, or you have love handles, choose a hi-waist style.  It will give your fashion a smooth, flat sheen and help you look your best.

“Dressing sexy” can change your frame of mind, rekindle an old romance, and compel all eyes in a room to focus on you.  Choosing the right shaper will help you feel and look your best, and boost your self-confidence, even when wearing the most seductive, sensual, and sexy outfits.  If you’re looking for some specific advice for selecting the right shapewear to wear with a particular dress style, send us your inquiry below.

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