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Bra Thing-a-ma-jigs & What-cha-ma-call-its

29 Apr

By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

Have you ever found yourself at a loss, searching for the right word to refer to some part of bra?  Perhaps you were talking with a salesperson, trying to describe what you were looking for in a new style.  Maybe you were chatting with one of your friends, trading funny stories about a wardrobe malfunction.  Or, you may just have been curious about what the official names were for the various parts of an item of clothing you’ve worn since your early teens. […]

Do You Know Where Your Intimates Have Been?

27 Apr

By Tony Angelino
Cupid Intimates

Do you know where your intimate apparel came from?  Do you know how your bras were made and by whom?  Do you know whether your shapewear was sewn or spun in a nice, neat, clean environment?  Do you know how your panties were transported to the marketplace?  Have you wondered in what type of shipping containers your intimates traveled, first to your country and then to your store?  Have you ever thought about how many individuals handled your lingerie before you tried it on?  Sure, you’ve probably glanced at labels and noticed the countries your garments were made in, but you’ve probably never thought about these other questions. […]

14 Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

22 Apr

By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

You’ve heard the statistic.  80% of women today wear bras that are the wrong size for them.  Are you one of those 80%?  Is your number, or band size, correct?  What about your letter or cup size?  While it’s best to buy your bra with the help of a bra-fit specialist, they’re often not available in stores and intimate apparel departments.  Chances are that you bought your bra on your own and are just not sure whether it fits the way it’s supposed to.  Even if you did receive a fitting when you originally purchased it, weight changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding may have since changed your size and shape, creating new doubts in your mind.  Not to worry.  With the help of a mirror, there are some easy ways you can determine on your own whether you’re wearing the wrong size.  The key areas to look at are the principal components of every bra: the band, the cups, and the straps. […]

Intimate Anecdotes III

20 Apr

TSA – Traveling Shapewear Alert

By Sandy S.
Cupid Intimates

Recently, while traveling on a business trip, I was making my way through a security checkpoint at the Las Vegas airport when I set off the metal detector’s alarm.  As all of us have done in response to that situation, I took off my watch and jewelry (even though these items had never triggered the alarm on any of my previous trips).  I walked through the detector again and, sure enough, the alarm sounded again.  The TSA officer told me to step off to the side, where another TSA officer – this one, a woman – was to conduct a more thorough screening. […]