The Best Shapewear to Eliminate Back Fat

29 Jun

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By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Naomi & Nicole®

If you’ve found yourself checking out your back in the mirror lately, you’re not alone.  Many women loathe their love handles, muffin tops, and areas of bra spillage which, unfortunately, can easily be seen under the clothes of any season.  Though all women are susceptible to these problems, known collectively as “back fat,” those who have apple and rectangular body shapes tend to hold more weight on their torsos, and suffer more from back fat, than those who have one of the other body shapes.  Many women resort to donning jackets year round, but who wants to do that in the heat of the summer?  Thankfully, there are some classic and new shapewear silhouettes that are perfect for smoothing out your back all year long:

1.  Bodybriefers are the classic, all-in-one shapers that can address all of your body’s shaping needs, from your shoulders to your knees.  These garments deliver all-over torso compression, as well as coverage for the body similar to that of traditional one-piece swimsuits.  The combination of built-in cups and back compression cancels the need for wearing a bra.  As a result, spillage that can occur around the bra band is eliminated.  The legs of bodybriefers are available in traditional brief or thigh-slimmer lengths.

2.  Body-shaping camisoles are similar to bodybriefers in that they too have built-in cups and also slim the torso.  They differ in not having a brief component, ending instead at the hips.  Both bodybriefers and camisoles are made using one of three cup variations.  Those with cut-and-sew cups provide the best bust support.  Those with bullet-molded cups are seamless, while those with foam-molded cups, which are also seamless, provide a bit of extra padding.  Camisoles are typically long enough that they can be tucked into jeans or slacks to prevent the formation of muffin tops.

3.  Torsettes are like camisoles except that they don’t have built-in bra cups. This silhouette’s advantage or disadvantage, depending on your perspective, is that the wearer can choose her own bra to accompany it. The down side is that the additional bra, if not fitted properly, can cause unwanted “back lumps.”   Of course, the ability to choose a bra that matches your outfit is sure to help you gain some extra value from your torsette purchase.

4.  Waist Cinchers can be tricky when it comes to concealing back fat.  I recommend trying on any cincher in a fitting room before you buy it because, although they all slim the waist, the wrong length can create figure problems.  For example, if your cincher is too short, you’ll create an hourglass waist but might also force flesh to bulge out over the garment’s top.

A great way to select the best garment for your body is to take a trip to your favorite lingerie boutique or department.  Take a few different fashion garments into the fitting room with you and try on the four different options listed above.  While there, check your side and back views in a three-sided mirror, or enlist a buddy for a second opinion.  If you’re looking for a garment to wear every day, you might want to take this trip with someone knowledgeable about control levels.  This will help you choose the comfort-to-result ratio that you’ll be happy with over the long term.  Finding the right garment to give you flexibility and fashion freedom can take time, but if you end up feeling more confident and svelte as a result, your time will have been well spent.

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