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Finding the Best Shapewear for You

11 Aug

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Naomi & Nicole®

If you’ve been watching or listening to the media, you’ve probably noticed people talking a great deal about shapewear.  This has created a rise in demand for this intimates category.  New companies and new brands are riding this wave, vying for your attention so they can tell you, “We have the best shapewear available.”  Between the new brand launches, expensive commercials, and celebrity endorsements, how is the average person like you supposed to find the best shapewear?  Below is a list of three questions you should ask yourself in preparation for the hunt.  The answers will help you find the right shaper for you, regardless of the hype you may hear on TV or read on the web. […]

There’s No Such Thing as a Silly Shapewear Question

17 Feb

By Rachel Rumsey
Naomi & Nicole®

Since I began working in the underwear and shapewear industry, I’ve had people ask me a variety of questions about intimates. More often than not, I’m asked questions that have been asked of me before. I’ve always tried to provide answers in a way that puts people at ease because I realize they may feel a little awkward asking them. And since people sometimes become self-conscious asking such questions, I know that there are some that are too embarrassing to be asked in person. Looking at online forums, I’ve seen confirmation of that. In an effort to help, I’ve asked and answered some of the most common and embarrassing ones below: […]

Stay Warm with Shapewear

3 Feb

By Adam Welsch
Naomi & Nicole®

If various media outlets are to be believed, the worst winter storm in the history of humankind just swept across the United States.  Coincidentally, sixty-four years ago today the record-low temperature for North America – 81 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (-63 degrees Celsius) – was recorded in Snag, a village located in Canada’s Yukon Territory.  Despite Punxatawney Phil’s prediction yesterday of an early-arriving spring, all of us in the Northern Hemisphere find ourselves in February’s usual cold embrace.  So what’s a woman to do to stay warm?  A quick, easy, and relative inexpensive strategy is to wear some shapewear. […]

10 Easy Ways to Tame Visible Panty Lines

11 Jan

By Adam Welsch
Naomi & Nicole®


Visible panty lines are among the most bothersome and intractable fashion problems faced by women today.  The combination of form-fitting fashions, thin outerwear fabrics, and the inclusion of elastics and seams in underwear leads many women to believe that VPLs are a scourge that simply must be tolerated.  But don’t despair.  There are many ways you can mitigate this problem, and even banish it from your wardrobe’s look forever.  Here are ten: […]