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The Secret to a Successful Black Friday: The Right Panties

23 Nov

By Adam Welsch
Naomi & Nicole®

 If you’re revving up for a Thanksgiving Weekend full of power shopping, you probably have a game plan already in place.  You’ve researched the best sales, created an itinerary, and selected your shopping mate.  You know which pair of comfy shoes you’ll be wearing and what kinds of snacks you’ll be stocking in your purse.  If you’re one of those diehards who’ll be camping out in line, outside of a store, on Thanksgiving evening or during the wee hours of Friday morning, you no doubt are preparing to bring cold-weather gear, a chair, and a thermos of your favorite hot beverage.  You’re ready to go … or are you?  Have you given any thought to the panties you’ll be wearing for shopping’s version of the Olympic decathlon?  No?  Then you might want to spend a few minutes reading what follows.  Why?  Wedgies, VPLs, and Black Friday simply don’t mix. […]

Dear Shapewear Diary: Thoughts about the Shapewear Experience V

17 Nov

By Eva Ceinture
Cupid Intimates

This is the fifth in a series of blog posts conveying one woman’s thoughts about shapewear.

Torsette / Comfortable Firm® Control

Dear Shapewear Diary,

Brrr!  It’s getting cold outside!  Since I’m cold-blooded, I get chilly fast, and given that I produce so little heat of my own, the idea of adding a layer of shapewear sounded great!  So, for my next shapewear experience, I decided to wear a torsette.  A torsette is a silhouette that’s also known as an under-bust camisole.  I wore it to work under a long-sleeve, lightweight sweater and slacks, and liked how smooth and firm I felt.  Its Comfortable Firm® control shaped and smoothed me.  This level of control seems like a good choice for anyone who wants to be shaped and smoothed over a long period of time.  I’d advise any woman who’s new to shapewear to try a Comfortable Firm® control garment instead of one providing extra firm control because it’ll probably give her the look she wants with a feel that’s not so intense. […]