7 Reasons You Should Own a Thigh Slimmer

26 Aug

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By Adam Welsch
TC® Fine Intimates

Known by a variety of names throughout the intimate apparel industry – such as “long leg,” “bike pant,” and simply “shaper” – the thigh slimmer is one silhouette that should be a part of every shapewear customer’s wardrobe.  Why?

1. The thigh slimmer addresses multiple problem areas at once.

True to its name, it expertly slims the inner thighs and prevents your legs from rubbing together when you walk.  But it also controls saddle bags, and smoothes cellulite, found on the outsides and back sides of the legs, respectively.  And, despite its name, it also flattens the tummy and can enhance the shape of your rear end.  Finally, depending on the style, it can also help control the midriff and prevent the appearance of the dreaded muffin top around your waist.

2. Thigh Slimmers come in waistline, adjustable waist, and hi-waist versions.

The hi-waist silhouette, whose top rests just below the bra band, has become exceedingly popular these days.  If you’re larger through the middle, the hi-waist thigh slimmer is great for controlling your midriff, and preventing muffin tops and lower-back-fat spillage.  But it’s not for everyone.  If you’re a bit smaller, or just don’t want as much coverage, you can buy a thigh slimmer in a traditional waistline height.  And there’s great news for those of you who have longer torsos or measure out to “in-between” sizes.  Some thigh slimmers are now made with an adjustable waist that can be pulled up vertically to whatever height is most comfortable for the wearer.  These feature a breathable, finished silicone edge at the top that stays put regardless of where it’s placed.

3. Thigh Slimmers are available in various control levels.

Depending on your goals, thigh slimmers can provide light, Comfortable Firm™, firm, or extra firm control.  So whether you want a little smoothing to look great under a tight-fitting outfit, a little more shape for a night on the town, or a significant transformation to help you fit into a smaller-sized pair of jeans, there’s a thigh slimmer available in a level of control that will meet your needs.

4. A thigh slimmer can be worn with a variety of outerwear fashions.

A thigh slimmer is a versatile piece of shapewear.  It can be worn under your favorite pair of pants, but look equally well under a knee-length skirt or dress.  And, depending on the style you choose and its associated fabrication story, a thigh slimmer can be worn with lighter-weight summer fashions or as an extra layer of warmth during those cold winter days.

5. Thigh slimmers can replace activewear during workouts.

Do you ever feel a little self-conscious when working out at the gym because your shape isn’t yet where you want it to be?  Try wearing a black thigh slimmer in place of your customary workout bottoms.  No one will be able to distinguish it from a pair of spandex bike shorts, and you’ll likely experience a better workout confident that you look your best.

6. Thigh slimmers can be worn as underwear.

One reason some women don’t like to wear shapewear is the discomfort associated with wearing multiple layers of undergarments.  If your thigh slimmer is made with a cotton gusset, feel free to leave your panties in your dresser drawer while you smooth and shape your tummy, hips, and tush.

7. There’s a thigh slimmer to fit every budget.

Whether you’re only in the market for shaping results, or you’re willing to splurge to also enjoy the feel of the most luxurious fabrics, you can find thigh slimmers available in a wide range of prices.  Big-box, mass merchandisers sell high-quality options for as little as $11.00 a piece, while finer department stores offer styles that cost as much as $130.00.

Briefs, body shaping camis, torsettes, pantliners, cinchers, bodybriefers, and slips are all great shapewear silhouettes that might be right for your lingerie wardrobe.  But if you’re looking to get the most out of one purchase, make sure to check out the thigh slimmers first when shopping your favorite intimate apparel departments or online lingerie e-tailers.

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