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Editor’s Note

5 Oct

Today, In Form® reaches a significant milestone.  The post below is our 100th since we began publishing them back on October 20, 2009.

Over this past year, we’ve tried our best to stay true to both our name and our goal of being an authoritative source for helpful and interesting information about everything related to bras, panties, and shapewear – apparel designed to flatter the female form.

Our most popular posts in this regard have included “Torsettes – The Hottest Things in Shapewear,” “14 Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Bra Size,” and “Why Some Panties Fit So Poorly.”

We’ve also tried to write about topics of special concern to certain groups of consumers.  “Curvy Girls, Don’t Forget Your Shapewear in 2010,” “5′ 10″ & Beyond, A Tall Order for Shapewear,” and “Bra Solutions for Full-Busted Women” seem to have resonated well with specific subsets of our readers.

But we’ve also tried not to take things too seriously at times.  Our readers seem to have agreed with this approach.  “Top 11 Olympic Underwear Stories,” “A Song and Dance about Girdles, Bras, and Underpants,” and “Bras, Girdles, and Panties: Memorable Moments in Television History” have all proved to be among our most popular posts.

Naturally, not every post we’ve created has been met with great applause.  But that’s OK.  We hope that every visitor to our blog will find something of interest to her or him, so we plan to continue to write about an eclectic mix of intimates-related topics.

What we first said one year ago is worth repeating again today.  As you’d expect from makers of intimate apparel, we really appreciate your support.

Thank You!

Adam Welsch

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Editor’s Note

13 Apr

Today, In Form® reaches its first milestone. The post below is our 50th since we began publishing last October 20th. When we started this blog, our primary goal was to inform our readers about all aspects of shapewear, panties, and bras. That’s why we chose our name. But we also wanted to entertain our readers along the way. We hope we’ve been able to do both.

Of course, we’re always trying to think of ways we can improve these pages, and we’d love to get your feedback. What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? Please use the comment field at the end of today’s post and send us your thoughts.


Adam Welsch