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The Newest Shapewear Silhouette Helps You Put Your Best Foot Forward

1 Apr

By Adam Welsch
Naomi & Nicole®

If you’re like many women, you probably enjoy adding new shoes to your wardrobe.  But finding shoes that are comfortable, as well as cute and stylish, can sometimes seem impossible.  How many times have thought you found just the pair you were looking for, only to try them on and think, “Couldn’t they have made the toes (or backs) just a little wider?”  The good news is that makers of shapewear have finally created a new silhouette that addresses what had been the final, neglected shaping problem for women – foot flab.  Coinciding with the arrival of new spring shoe collections, foot sculptors – like arm shapers, waist cinchers, and thigh slimmers before them – are now appearing in intimates departments and lingerie shops promising to slim and smooth feet just like yours. […]

Time Marches On with Girdles, Bras, & Panties

3 Mar

By Adam Welsch
Miraclesuit® Shapewear

Today marks the 88th anniversary of the publication of the inaugural edition of TIME® Magazine, America’s first weekly news magazine.  As a fixture of newsstands, libraries, waiting rooms, and coffee tables across the country, TIME® has played a central role in the coverage of political, economic, foreign-affairs, and scientific news.  But it’s also covered stories related to pop culture and lifestyles, including the latest developments from the world of fashion.  And concerns related to women’s underwear have been no exception.  In fact, looking back through the magazine’s archives takes one on a fascinating trip through the history of women’s intimates during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Here, then, is a sampling of what TIME® has reported about girdles, bras, and panties across the decades: […]

Pantyhose: Lingerie’s Party Crasher or Missing Link?

20 Jan

By Adam Welsch
Naomi & Nicole®

Since their invention in 1959 and subsequent widespread dissemination during the 1960s, pantyhose have taken a central role in the wardrobes of many women.  Replacing the previous need for wearing stockings with garter belts or garter-equipped girdles, pantyhose changed the hosiery landscape forever and gave women new-found comfort and fashion flexibility.  But since their creation, their makers have tried to position pantyhose as products that do more than simply smooth legs.  They’ve been sold as panty substitutes, VPL erasers, light control shapewear, rump raisers, and functional (if not shaping) leg wear.  Given that, are pantyhose merely hosiery, as most retailers and consumers view them,  with lofty but unjustifiable aspirations to sit aside conventional panties and shapewear, or are they a unique class of intimate apparel – a hybrid of hosiery, panties, and shapewear – that complete the “under-things” spectrum from socks to bodybriefers? […]