Top 10 Reasons to Own a Body Shaping Cami

6 Apr

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By Pauline Z.
TC® Fine Intimates

Over the past decade, shapewear has exploded in popularity and has become an essential element of many women’s wardrobes.  New fabrics, silhouettes, and technologies have converged to create styles that are both comfortable and effective in transforming the way women look and feel in their clothes.  A great example of this synergy is the body shaping cami.  It’s now one of the most popular types of intimate apparel.  Why?  What sets it apart from other types of shapewear?  Here’s my list of the top 10 reasons why all women should own a body shaping cami.

10. One Garment Does So Much

The body shaping cami can be a great solution if you’re looking to shape your midriff, firm your tummy, smooth your back, or do all three.

9. Won’t Slow You Down in the Restroom

Many women like to wear bodybriefers for shaping, firming, and smoothing the midriff, tummy, and back, but are frustrated by the inconvenience such all-in-ones impose when nature calls.  Since a body shaping cami ends at the hips, that concern isn’t a factor.

8. Fits Great Even when Your Top and Bottom Don’t Match

It’s not uncommon to have an upper body of one size and a lower body of another.  When buying tops and jeans, or even bras and panties, this may not be an issue.  But when looking for shapewear to address both halves, it can be a big problem since a conventional bodybriefer may not fit such a body correctly and comfortably.  The body shaping cami’s open-ended bottom comes to the rescue and makes it a great-fitting piece of shapewear for most women who try it on.

7. A Variety of “Bra Options” from which to Choose

The wide variety of body shaping camis available allows you to select a “bra option” that’s right for you.  Some have underwires built into them; others have molded cups, soft cups, or no cups at all.  While most have straps (of conventional, halter, or crisscross design), some are strapless.  And with certain camis, you can even wear your own bra.

6. Cool and Comfortable

Because it’s not an all-in-one, the body shaping cami is cooler and more comfortable than a traditional bodybriefer.  You’ll really appreciate this in the summer, or if you live in a warmer climate.  And some styles are made from special moisture-wicking fabrics that draw perspiration away from the skin, and keep you cool by keeping you dry.

5.  A Great Fit for Long and Short Torsos

Like those whose tops and bottoms are of different sizes, women with torsos that are longer or shorter than average often find it difficult to find a bodybriefer that fits comfortably.  The body shaping cami once again comes to the rescue because it rests at the hips.  You can have your back, midriff, and tummy shaped and smoothed without that accompanying, uncomfortable pull.

4. Stays in Place All Day Long

Some wonderful styles of the body shaping cami are made with silicone edges at their bottoms that keep them in place all day long.  Not only won’t they ride up, the silicone’s applied in such a way that the camis’ edges remain breathable.

3. Available in a Range of Control Levels

Whether you’re looking for a little smoothing and slimming, or a lot of shaping, there’s a body shaping cami with the amount of control that’s right for you.  Depending on the garment’s fabric, use of paneling, and/or number of plies, you can choose light, comfortable firm, firm, or extra firm control and achieve the results you’re after.

2. No Lines

Worried that the silicone edge or extra panels will cause all sorts of embarrassing lines to show through your outerwear?  No problem.  Body shaping camis are available with panels applied using adhesives, instead of needles and thread.  Not only does the adhesive process add control without creating lines, it allows the panels to be placed anywhere on the garment to deliver targeted attention to specific problem areas.  And don’t worry about that silicone – it’s applied directly to the fabric to eliminate the kinds of lines created by sewn-on elastics.

1. There’s a Body Shaping Cami to Fit Every Budget

Whether you like to shop for your shapewear at a big-box discounter, a high-end department store, or somewhere in between, there’s a body shaping cami with a price that’s right for you.  Depending on the type of fabric, the amount of shaping, and the extra features you desire, you can spend as little as $30.00 or as much as $80.00 or more.

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