Dear Shapewear Diary: Thoughts about the Shapewear Experience II

14 Jul

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By Eva Ceinture
Cupid Intimates

This is the second in a series of blog posts conveying one woman’s thoughts about shapewear. 

Underwire Camisole with Molded Fabric Cups / Firm Control

Dear Shapewear Diary,

Today, I ventured into the world of body-shaping camisoles with underwire molded cups.  I gravitated towards underwire cups hoping to gain the support of a bra, in addition to a little torso smoothing.  I wore the cami with a lightweight, knit top and a dark, denim, knee-length skirt.  When I’ve worn this same top in the past without a cami, bra lines have been visible along my back; but with this cami, my back was smooth.

This garment used single-ply construction, was supportive, and provided a snug feel.  It was sold by bra size, making it easy for me to select the size I needed.  To get this cami on, I stepped into it, pulled it up, bent over at my waist, and adjusted the cups.   I knew I had it on correctly when the underwires were resting against my ribs.

I wouldn’t advise wearing a bra under this piece, since it has underwires built into it.  If a woman was used to wearing a padded bra, she could try wearing a camisole like this one with a padded insert if the concept appealed to her, but she wouldn’t want to lose her boost.  If a friend wanted to do this, I’d suggest sewing or pinning the insert down to avoid shifting issues.  While acquainting myself with control camisoles, I learned that women who wear prosthetics like to wear them. They report that these garments comfortably hold their breasts and prosthetics in place better than bras.  This makes sense, given the compression provided by shapewear.

The particular camisole I wore had a silicone gripper along its bottom edge.  I personally prefer the fact that the silicone beading was applied directly onto the fabric, unlike other garments that have their silicone finish applied to a sewn-on piece of elastic.  This cami’s silicone edge was smoother, more comfortable, cooler, and gripped better than any similar feature I had worn before.

Overall, I like the body-shaping cami as an alternative to a bra.  Its lack of a bra band provides the same feeling I like in a bodybriefer.  If I was a smaller-busted woman, I think this no-wire option could work as an everyday alternative.  But I do think I’ll try one as a supportive-loungewear option for wearing around the house.  For those tired of wearing bras all the time, or who don’t feel like wearing an underwire, but still want or need bust support, a cami with built-in support is an excellent alternative.

I know that many women are wary of wearing shapewear, envisioning uncomfortable girdles from Gone with the Wind; however, a supportive, body-shaping camisole may be a great first item to try.  I noticed a wide range of features that this silhouette has to offer, and would advise anyone considering buying one to look at each one’s benefits, and try each one on, in order to pick the one that’s right for her.

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CC Image courtesy sherpas428 on flickr / CC BY 2.0

CC Image courtesy Brian Hillegas on flickr / CC BY 2.0

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