Shapewear for Hourglass-Shaped Bodies

10 Feb

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By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Naomi & Nicole®

Have you ever taken the time to notice the differences among women’s bodies?  Not in a “hot-or-not” sense, but in the way women are really shaped.  Thanks to current fashion trends, like fitted waists and skinny pants, people-watching affords everyone a front row seat for the display of female body silhouettes.  Consistent patterns of weight distribution across all women allows us to group these feminine figures into a few distinct categories.  I’ve previously written articles about pear-shaped and apple-shaped women, but today’s post is about those lucky ladies who have hourglass-shaped bodies.  Hourglasses have balanced bust-to-hip ratios with narrower, defined waists.  Their weight is somewhat evenly distributed throughout both their upper and lower bodies.  When weight is gained, increased fat is stored in the hips, buttocks, arms, and chest before other areas, like the upper abdomen and waist.  A majority of our society’s iconic beauties, including Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and Sophia Loren, have had hourglass figures.  And the heads of men and women today continue to be turned by Venuses such as Scarlett Johansson and Sofia Vergara.

Choosing intimates for hourglass figures isn’t as easy as it is for other body types because there isn’t one particular area of the body upon which to focus.  Targeted shaping solutions can help with particular trouble spots.  For example, a control brief with a panel can help if one’s tummy pooch needs some smoothing.  Body shapers can also smooth out cellulite, even at lower levels of control.  To get this lesser-known benefit of temporary cellulite concealment, an hourglass can choose a shaper for the lower body.   Long legs, thigh slimmers, and pantliners all make the butt, hips, and thighs smoother under fitted slacks.  Of course, women quite often seek shapewear for containment or toning.  If skin has lost its elasticity, or muscle tone has lost its strength, a shaping garment such as a thigh slimmer or camisole will help make the body of an hourglass more compact and firm, and less wiggly.

Some specialty shaping garments can be great assets to hourglasses.  For example, butt-lifting silhouettes enhance curves and can make the backside look younger and tighter.  These garments function like light push-up bras for the tush.  A torsette is a garment that functions like a camisole but has its breast area removed.  It allows the wearer to don her own bra.  Some firmer-controlling torsettes have the added benefits of aiding good posture and providing some back support.

Even though hourglasses have well-proportioned figures, occasionally, their cups can runneth over.  In these cases, more traditional shaping garments can come to the rescue.  Back fat can be contained with camisoles or all-in-one bodybriefers.  Waistline long leg silhouettes, that focus on the tummy and below, are available in leg lengths ranging from boy short to Capri.

An hourglass’ need for shapewear is usually driven by fashion demands or specialty needs.  However, sometimes, one’s hourglass is only “half full.”  Regardless of the driver, shapewear is a great tool to help manage and stretch a wardrobe through weight fluctuations.  If you’re interested in some fashion tips for outfitting an hourglass-shaped body, check out this post from lovetoknow.

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