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Why Do Women Throw Their Panties?

29 Jun

By Adam Welsch
Naomi & Nicole®

Last week, a news item caught my attention.  It seems that in the midst of a political campaign in Peru, women have begun throwing their panties at mayoral candidate Charles Zevallos.

Leave aside for the moment that Senor Zevallos would never be mistaken for the latest Hollywood Hottie.  He’s an average-looking, middle-aged man with a receding hairline.  And move past the fact that political issues are most certainly of passionate concern to the constituents of the Amazonian administrative region of Maynas.  Simply take the act at face value.  What on earth inspires women to throw their undies at famous people as expressions of their admiration or attraction? […]

Curvy Girls, Leave Your Bounce Behind

24 Jun

By Rachel Rumsey
Cupid Intimates

Attention, my well-endowed friends. In honor of soccer’s World Cup, and all that running back and forth, I’d like to help you in your quest to find a sports bra. If you’re like most curvy girls, you probably struggle to balance your desire for a good work out with your wish to avoid injuring your boobs in the process. All too often, the scales of decision tip in favor of boob protection, limiting our workouts and frustrating our weight goals. And, of course, the larger you are, the weightier these competing concerns become. Stories of gals cradling their boobs while running are unfortunately all too common. Go ahead, admit it. You’ve done that before, even if only while running around your house. […]

Putts and Butts: What to Do about the Golfer’s Wedgie?

22 Jun

By Adam Welsch
TC® Fine Intimates

This past weekend, while watching the men’s U.S. Open Golf Championship on television, my wife and I were discussing the differences between the men’s and the women’s game.  After some ordinary back and forth about tee placement, club size, and physical strength, my wife made a very insightful comment.  “Sure men hit the ball farther than women.  They get to walk around in boxers under those goofy golf pants.  Try concentrating on your backswing when your panties are giving you a wedgie.”  The conversation stopped.  She had made a valid point.  We wondered how many of the more than five million American women who play golf routinely battle the problem of wedgies during their journeys from tee to green. […]

Are You Ready for Cyber Panties?

17 Jun

By MaryJo Kosisher-Demski
Cupid Intimates

If you randomly poll 100 women  you meet today on the street, at the grocery store, at your kid’s pee-wee soccer game, or at the gym and ask them one simple question, “Why do you wear underwear,” I dare say you’ll receive a myriad of responses.  “Aren’t I supposed to?”  “So nobody can see through my white shorts, of course!”  “I want to feel sexy under these jeans.”  “I’m not quite in the same shape I was prior to having children so these panties rein me in.”  Well, here’s another one that’ll soon be added to that extensive list, “I need to monitor my blood pressure.” […]