The Best Shapewear to Deal with Tummy Pooch


7 Jul

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By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Naomi & Nicole®

Have you noticed some extra flab around your tummy lately?  If so, you’re not alone.  Genetics, ordinary weight gain, and body changes resulting from pregnancy are some of the most common causes of tummy pooch.  Most women have it and say they’d like to do something about it.  In fact, a large percentage of shapewear shoppers say they’re looking for garments to smooth out their fronts so that they can appear slimmer and their clothing can appear flatter.  The good news is that there are several styles of shapewear that can successfully address tummy pooch.  The silhouettes described below will help your find the right shaper for your body.

Panty alternatives are technically not pieces of shapewear; rather, they’re panties with a “little something extra.”  These garments are typically sold alongside regular panties, not shapewear items.  Like regular panties, panty alternatives are made using lightweight fabrics and elastics; however, like some shapewear, they incorporate a second ply of fabric, often in the form of a stitched or glued inner panel, on their fronts.

Shapewear briefs are found in the shapewear area.  They resemble hi-cut or brief panties, but are made with fabrics that are of a heavier weight and elastics that are often “gutsier.”  These panties incorporate more spandex and thicker yarns to create the stretch and control needed by shaping garments.  In addition to the classic waistline sub-silhouette, briefs are also available in two other versions: hi-waist and cuff-top lengths.  All three of these styles will address tummy pooch problems, though waistline models can create muffin tops.

Boy short shapers are similar to briefs, except that they’re longer and provide additional control for the legs.  This silhouette has a short inseam, something that’s ideal if you’re wearing a clingy fashion and you’re concerned about panty lines on your derriere.

Thigh slimmers are made in waistline and hi-waist options, but both styles cover the tummy.  These garments end above the knees.

Pantliners have the longest legs of any shapewear silhouette.  They too cover the tummy, but extend down to the mid-calf area.

Shapewear slips also target the tummy.  These garments may be of the waistline variety, or comprise the lower extension of a torsette or a bodybriefer.

Bodybriefers are like one-piece swimsuits.  They have built-in cups, and can have brief-style legs or those of thigh-slimmer length.  All bodybriefers smooth the tummy and torso very well.

Body-shaping camisoles and torsettes, depending on their lengths, can also smooth the tummy.  When considering these styles, make sure to try them on before making your purchase.  You’ll want to be certain that these shapers won’t roll up when you wear them.  I recommend looking for camis and torsettes with silicone applied directly to the bottom of their hems to make sure they’ll stay down all day long.  For these silhouettes, ride-up is not just uncomfortable; it compromises function by preventing them from covering the tummy.

The good news about tummy pooch is that most shapewear styles will slim your tummy.  So, if you’re looking for multiple shaping solutions in a single garment, chances are that tummy control will be built into the one you’re considering.  If your only concern is your tummy, a panty alternative or brief may be your best choice.  If you’re seeking a particular result, make sure to look for a level of control that correlates with your goal.  Remember, the higher the control level, the greater the result will be.  If you wonder whether or not your chosen piece of shapewear is working, try on your fashion in front of a mirror with, then without, the undergarment to make that judgment.  If you have any questions, please post them below.

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