How to Potty at the Party in Shapewear

14 Sep

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By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

Any well-dressed lady knows how difficult using the restroom can be when outfitted for a big event.  Not only must extra time and attention be paid to touching up hair and make-up, extra care must be taken to make sure everything is tucked in or lying correctly.  Special outfits are often more delicate and intricate than a typical day’s ready-to-wear.  And chances are that underneath that fabulous dress are layers building the foundation of a flawless look.  Unfortunately, when it comes to thinking about “bathroom ease,” nothing complicates matters more than negotiating the complexities of shapewear.

Answering nature’s call while wearing shapewear can be both exhausting and downright frightening.  Your experience will really be dependent on a few main factors which can be the difference between a near strip-down requiring a fifteen-minute bathroom layover, and a simple drop-and-lift necessitating only a five-minute pit stop.  With a little knowledge, you’ll know which choices to make to help you shorten your trip.

Typically, the crotch of a bodybriefer (an all-in-one garment incorporating a bra and a panty) provides a built-in advantage to help simplify your bathroom experience.  Most are made with a hook-and-eye closure that’s very similar to the hook-and-eye on the back of a bra.  Unless you’re a maverick, you’re going to need both hands to detach and re-attach it.  Others are made with snaps.  Think of those little snaps on baby clothes.  Each of these closure options has the same basic purpose.  It eliminates the need to completely disrobe.


Thigh-slimmer bodybriefers can be the most intimidating of all shapewear pieces to negotiate.  They’re made with “open crotches.”  Don’t worry, there’s no kinky stuff going on here.  Designers are simply making the best of a tricky situation.  “Open crotches” aren’t, actually, totally open.  They look and function more like the openings on men’s briefs.  Two layers of cotton overlap each other and form a hygienic covering that also provides desired modesty.

The difficulties of using the bathroom when wearing shapewear have even contributed to the creation of a relatively new silhouette – the shapewear slip.  The shapewear slip is made with either no panty or a built-in panty.  The built-in panty has a closure similar to that of a bodybriefer.

High-waist garments, like briefs or thigh slimmers, are typically designed with regular crotches.  Unfortunately, this requires you to pull them all the way down to do your business.  It’s best to plan on taking a little extra time in the ladies’ room when wearing these silhouettes.

Of course, a good option to make things simpler in the restroom is to purchase shapewear separates.  I recommend a body shaping cami and brief combination.  This ensemble will give you the all-in-one smoothness you’ll want for your big event, and present you with a bathroom scenario with which you may be more comfortable.

“Bathroom ease” is one of those things most women don’t think about until they’re peeling off the layers during a party.  Next time you’re dressing to kill, spend a little time and consider which pieces of shapewear will simplify any trips to the restroom.  Then, depending on the underpinnings you select, make sure to build in some extra time when nature calls.  You may need it.

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One Response to “How to Potty at the Party in Shapewear”

  1. T knutson February 23 at #

    I have other products from spanx i wear and I just pull them down instead of trying the pee through the hole. BUT I just got a body suit you can wear with your bra and tried the pee hole. Twice! Thank goodness I was at home
    Even after reading all the tips and nightmares I still peed all over my hand and the garment. Whoever designed these things needs to go back to the drawing board. We’re not men with that type of anatomy so why on earth design these things like we are??? I’ve been a devoted spanx customer for many years but I’ll be wanting my $98.00 dollars back!

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