How to Create a Showstopping Bustline


21 Sep

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By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

The invention of push-up bras sent the world into a tizzy clamoring for buxom breasts.  Suddenly, without the need for cosmetic surgery, change was on offer for every woman.  The resulting cleavage fever raised expectations, and birthed a series of bra inserts and additional new bra designs promising to deliver alluring volume enhancement.  Accordingly, here are some easy ways for any woman to create a beautiful bustline.

Choose the Right Bra Cup

Intimate apparel companies use sophisticated engineering to create garments that improve the lift, apparent volume, and overall presentation of the breasts.  But they also use some tricks.  One that’s employed to make chests appear fuller and more youthful is creating cups that provide less surface coverage.  The smaller amount of fabric helps to give the impression that the breasts are larger and “coming out” of their cups.  This is the reason nearly all push-up bras use some form of demi cup.  A second trick is the use of wide-set straps .  These sit far out on the shoulders, towards the armpits, and “open up” the chest to present the bosom.  This effect draws all eyes downward.  A fantastic example of the incorporation of this trick is the balconette bra.  This style uses very low horizontal cups and often doesn’t include any padding.  The visual presentation is so striking that additional volume simply isn’t needed.  A final trick is the use of a deep-plunging neckline, as it too draws visual attention down to the bustline.

Choose Padding to Create Volume or Cleavage

If you’re looking for extra enhancement, bras are available with built-in padding.  Fiberfill, foam, gel, water, and air are all creatively used to add extra volume to the chest.  A la carte inserts or “cookies” made of the same materials are also sold, and can be placed in the cups of non-padded bras, underwire camisoles, or bodybriefers that you already own.  If you’re concerned that the inserts will move, you can tack them to the bust cups with a few stitches of thread or pieces of adhesive Velcro®.  The precise placement of the cookies is important to achieve the look you want.  For example, a woman with an A cup might want to gain both cleavage and volume, so the cookies would have to be positioned towards the underside and outer side of the cups.  A woman with a D cup might only want to add lift, so her cookies would have to be placed on the underside of her cups.

If you like gadgets, some bras are available that have adjustments at their center gores that allow wearers to “dial-in” their desired cleavage amounts.  This feature works by compressing the sides of the breasts and moving the tissues closer together.

Whether you’re interested in showing off your beautiful bosom or creating some eye-catching cleavage, remember that several options exist to accommodate  both large and small breasts.  The right bra, shapewear, or padding can deliver the look you’re after and help you any time you’re interested in entering a room to “stop the show.”

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