Dear Shapewear Diary: Thoughts about the Shapewear Experience IV

4 Aug

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By Eva Ceinture
Cupid Intimates

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts conveying one woman’s thoughts about shapewear.

 Hi-Waist Long Leg / Light Control

 Dear Shapewear Diary,

This weekend I wore a hi-waist long leg (some call this silhouette a hi-waist thigh slimmer) with a lightweight dress.  The garment served multiple purposes.  Its nude color allowed it to function like a slip and provided some modesty insurance against any unfortunate backlighting.  It covered a great portion of my torso, thereby addressing many areas at once.  And, since it was a hi-waist garment, I was able to pull its top all the way up to my bra band.  This kept me smooth and prevented the formation of a muffin top (of course, wearing the correct size helped eliminate that problem too).  It also seemed to support the strapless bra I wore with my outfit. 

I wore this light control garment all day to a family gathering and it passed this true comfort test.  I didn’t think about it once during the event!  It had the stay-put feature of a seamless, breathable, silicone finish on its ends which kept it in place all day long.  Since this stay-put edge can make it difficult to pull up the garment, I folded it over to easily slide it on.   After I adjusted everything, I unfolded the edge.  The stay-put feature provided a smooth transition from the long leg to my skin without creating any lumps or bulges.  The light degree of control – an anti-jiggle amount, if you will – toned my body by smoothing and holding me in a little.  The fabric had a silky feel, and proved to be a good warm-weather option to gain some shapewear performance.

A hi-waist long leg is a great choice for many outfits and body types.  It’s available in all control levels and may be made with one or more feature options.  It’s a good choice for anyone who wants one piece of underwear to provide some smoothing from the bra band to the thighs.  It works with most any outfit, and can be a great choice for someone who has trouble finding a hi-waist brief that fits properly.  Although at first glance it may seem like a lot of garment, it’s actually a comfortable, versatile option.  Based on my positive experience with it, I plan on trying a pantliner with rear lift to see just how well full-legged shapewear with special features can work.

Brief with Tummy Panel / Light Control

Dear Shapewear Diary,

A few days ago, I tried out a light control brief, incorporating a bonded tummy panel and clean-finished (non-sewn) edges, with much success.  The rise of the garment came up to just below my natural waist, and while it may not have been the sexiest garment available, it was very comfortable.  I wore this brief with Capri pants and a blouse.   With respect to its control level, I found its compression to feel a lot like the light hugging of pantyhose.  It was better than pantyhose, though, because I didn’t have to worry about snags.  And it could have easily been worn with another piece of shapewear, like a torsette or waist cincher, to create a whole-body, custom shapewear solution.

 Today, I wore this brief with a pencil skirt and found that it did a good job of holding in my tummy.  Pencil skirts tend to accentuate tummy pooch, and even small-sized women often have this problem (just look at photos of Marilyn Monroe when she was wearing one).  When a woman wants to wear a pencil skirt, but doesn’t feel like wearing traditional shapewear, a light control brief can be the perfect option.  I didn’t feel as though I was wearing shapewear with this brief, but it delivered more impressive results than a conventional panty.  For those who wear panties on a daily basis, but wouldn’t mind a little tummy control, a garment like this would be the perfect fit.

My fabulous sister recently tried wearing one and loved it!  Now, she wants to have enough of them to be able to wear one every day.  It looks like I’m slowly turning my family and friends into shapewear wearers.

Is wearing light control shapewear worth the cost and discomfort?

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