Selecting Underwear with Flying Colors

4 May

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By Rachel Rumsey
Cupid Intimates

Welcome warm weather!  Unfortunately, April showers and May flowers seem to inspire poor choices when it comes to the undergarments that many women select to wear.  With summer fashions springing up, you’ll soon see bras showing through tops and panties showing through bottoms.  The warm weather’s lighter fabrics not only reveal bumpy undergarments, they broadcast the poor underwear color choices that many women make as well.  Lovely ladies, you distract from your beauty when you select the wrong color for your intimates.  Do you really want people looking at you because they can see your underwear?  If you do, proceed no further.  If not, follow these simple tips.

When considering an undergarment color, first decide which outfit you’ll be wearing.  If the choice will be one of white or light colors, choose an underwear color closest to your skin tone.  This will show off your outfit rather than your undergarment.  Many women think that white underwear is the right choice here, but it contrasts with the skin, causing it to stand out to a far greater degree.  If your outfit will be one of a dark color, it’s best to choose an undergarment of a matching, or similarly dark, color (e.g., wear black with black).  This will prevent your underwear from “glowing” through.  If your outfit is made with a relatively thick fabric (e.g., denim), you have some freedom so feel free to have fun with your color choice.  If you’re wearing a dance leotard or a tight workout ensemble, make sure your undergarment is smooth, fits well, and has a stay-put, silicone finish at its edges.  The thickness of the outfit’s fabric will dictate whether you’ll need to match your underwear’s color to the color of your workout clothes or your skin tone.

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Regardless of your outerwear, always keep a couple of additional things in mind.  Even though some of you have “famine underwear” (old or poorly-fitting underwear that you only use when it’s laundry time), try to wear these pieces only with jeans so you don’t run into color and VPL problems.  Also, before leaving the house, always check in a mirror to make sure you’re not sharing your underwear color choice with the world.  If you’re in a poorly-lit spot, double-check in better lighting so you’re not tricked.  I’m sure you’ve seen women sport patterns, bright colors, and even brand names through thin or lightly-colored clothes.  These are looks to which none of us should aspire.

The basic guidelines I’ve just outlined apply equally to the color choices of panties, shapewear, slips, bras, dancewear, and workout attire.  If followed, they should prevent any embarrassing, color-related underwear mishaps from befalling you.

What about embarrassing undergarment mishaps unrelated to color?  Those will have to wait for another post.

CC Image courtesy of Nomanto on Flickr / CC BY 2.0
CC Image courtesy of Beverly & Pack on Flickr / CC BY 2.0
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