6 Things to Expect from a Bra Fitting

19 Oct

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By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

The average woman changes bras sizes six times over the course of her life.  When such a transition occurs, it can be hard to determine the correct new size or find that great new style.  Fortunately, there are folks available on the frontlines of intimate apparel boutiques and department stores who are more than happy to help customers like you in the search for the right size and correct fit.  If you find yourself intimidated by the prospect of being professionally fitted for a bra, don’t be.  These fit specialists are there to assist you.  But what should you expect from a typical fitting?

1. Expect Signage and Advertisements

Intimates boutiques and department store lingerie sections conduct periodic, special fit events, or have cross-trained fit specialists on staff to help customers throughout the year.  In either case, signage is usually present to spread the word.  Department stores often have certificates displayed in their fitting rooms that identify their associates who’ve completed fit-training programs.  If you’re not sure whether your favorite store provides fittings, and you can’t find corresponding signage, just ask an associate at the cash register for information.

2. Expect To Be Treated with Respect

It’s only natural to be a bit uncomfortable with the prospect of undressing in front of a stranger.  It’s a common reason many women never obtain a professional fitting.  But keep in mind that fit specialists help young ladies and women all the time.  Not unlike the doctor-patient relationship, it’s just business.  Fitters are present to help solve your problems.  Of course, every bra customer has her own comfort level when it comes to matters of modesty.  Some are completely at ease with the thought of being measured in their skivvies; others, especially tweens and teens, are often more modest.  If you’re uncomfortable being measured in your bra, you can request to be measured over your shirt.  While not quite as accurate, it’s still better than not being measured at all.  Remember – never be shy about communicating your thoughts to the fitter.

3. Expect To Learn Something

A good fit specialist isn’t available simply to sell you a new bra; she’s also there to teach you how to correctly get into a bra and recognize what a well-fitting bra looks like.  She may ask you questions about any problems, like pain or discomfort, you’re experiencing with your current bra.  She’ll also evaluate its fit.  You’ll undoubtedly learn a lot from this discussion, and the more information you can provide the fitter, the better equipped she’ll be to select the best bra for your needs.

4. Expect To Have Your Size Evaluated

Different fit specialists measure customers differently.  There are several correct ways to go about it, and the training that various stores provide their staff reflects this.  But almost all use tape measures and take two or three measurements of the chest, full bust, and/or “underbust.”  They may ask you what size bra you’re currently wearing.  They may also point out why your current bra size isn’t right for you.  In the end, they’ll determine the size they think will provide you with the best combination of comfort, support, and style.

5. Expect To Try On Some Different Bra Styles

If the associate returns to the fitting room with a size that shocks you, be patient.  She might be considering whether or not a crossover bra size works best for your body.  And she might bring in some cut-and-sew bras, along with some molded-cup models, to determine which type gives your bust its best shape and support.  In any event, be prepared to try on a variety of styles.  Remember that these extra minutes spent in the fitting room will pay off in months (maybe years) of daily fashion comfort.

6. Expect To Leave Feeling Confident

Whether you end up buying an entire new bra wardrobe, or leave the store with no bras at all, you’ll learn something about what you like and don’t like.  You’ll also become familiar with the telltale signs that it’s time for a new bra. Â Perhaps the best takeaway of all will be the feeling of confidence you’ll carry with you each time you go bra shopping in the future.

If you’ve never been professionally fitted for a bra, now is as good a time as any to have it done.  Fit specialists are waiting to help you.  So many different silhouettes exist that having a pseudo-personal shopper assist you will speed your search, in addition to ensuring you gain a proper fit.  If you’re fed up with your current bra and think nothing will ever work for you, make some time and treat yourself to a bra fitting.  You might just create your own fairy-tale ending.

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