50 Reasons to Be Intimately Thankful

25 Nov

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By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s customary for newspapers, magazines, blogs, and radio and television shows to remind people this week about all the things for which they can be thankful.  Such whispers usually include mentions of family, friends, and good health.  All of that is certainly good advice and very important.  But as your trusted, online source for great information about bras, panties, shapewear, and other lingerie, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of all things “intimate apparel” that can bring a smile to your face this holiday season.

Since it is Thanksgiving, let’s simplify matters.  Without further adieu, here – in no particular order – is a list of 50 reasons to be intimately thankful in 2010:

1.       Corsets are No Longer Required Wear

2.       Spandex

3.       The End of Wedgies

4.       A Choice of Shapewear Control Levels

5.       Torsettes

6.       Comfort Bra Straps

7.       Fashion Colors

8.       Adjustable Waists

9.       Sport Panties

10.   Body-Shaping Camisoles

11.   Hi-Waists on Briefs and Thigh Slimmers

12.   Control Panels that Stretch

13.   Lace Trim

14.   Friendly, Available Sales Associates

15.   Fit Adjustability

16.   That Secret Pair of Granny Panties

17.   Professional Bra Fitters

18.   Online Shopping

19.   Soft Cup Bras

20.   The End of Panty Raids

21.   Men’s Shapewear

22.   Animal Prints

23.   Large Closets

24.   More Panty Silhouettes than Days of the Week

25.   Removable Bra Cup Cookies

26.   No Ride, No Line Silicone Edges

27.   Strapless Bra Slips

28.   The End of Visible Panty Lines

29.   Padded Briefs

30.   Deluster Prints

31.   The Song “Who Put the Turtle in Myrtle’s Girdle”

32.   Clean-Finish Waistbands

33.   Arm Shapers

34.   Generous Merchandise Return Policies

35.   Single-Ply Shapewear

36.   Cool and Comfy Cotton

37.   Responsible Apparel Production

38.   Silky Fabrics

39.   Crossover Bra Sizing

40.   Waist Cinchers

41.   Push-Up Bras

42.   Bluing Agents to Clean White Lingerie

43.   Sports Bras

44.   Chairs in Fitting Rooms

45.   Seamed Bra Cups

46.   Tagless Undies

47.    Care Labels

48.   Front Closures on Bras

49.   Female Lingerie Sales Associates

50.    3-For Sale Prices

Tell us what you’re thankful for this holiday season.

What are you most intimately thankful for this holiday season?

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