How to Organize Your Underwear

28 Oct

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By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

Do you find yourself wearing the same pairs of panties repeatedly because you can’t find your other favorites?  Have you ever been late for work or a social engagement because you had to spend an extra ten minutes searching for a certain bra that had to be worn with the outfit to which you were already committed?  Do you ever have trouble closing your dresser drawers because your shapewear is balled up and refuses to cooperate?  If so, it’s time to get your undies “out of their bunch” and organize your closet, drawers, and armoire.  If you’re like most people, you know that greater organization would really help your day but you just don’t know where to begin.  Not to worry.  What follows is a collection of instructional videos that should pave the way for you to implement better underwear management.

The first step when organizing anything is clearing out your storage space and getting rid of the items you no longer need or can use.  The following video focuses on how to accomplish this with your closet, though the principles can be applied to a dresser or armoire as well.

Once your closet is cleaned out, you might want to figure out how to use its most inaccessible spaces.

Next, you’ll need to properly fold your undies.  Though there are many good techniques to use, here’s a way to take care of your panties that you might not have previously seen.  (A word of warning … the name of the YouTube channel from which this video originates contains an obscenity.)

Due to their unique silhouette, you might want to approach any thongs you own a bit differently.

Though many women like to hang their bras in their closets, they can become tangled even when organized.  One solution is to fold them like the rest of your lingerie.

Finally, once you’ve finished folding all of your unmentionables, it’s time to store them in an organized fashion.  Here’s a system to do just that.

Maintaining a well-organized underwear collection will save you more than just time.  Knowing exactly what you have, and where it is, will prevent you from buying items you don’t really need and end up saving you some money in the short term.  And by allowing for a more evenly-spaced, complete “wear routine,” each piece of your lingerie wardrobe should last longer, saving you even more money in the long run.  So, make sure to set aside some time this weekend to begin getting your undies out of their bunch.

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