Shapewear for Apple-Shaped Bodies

27 Jan

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By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Naomi & Nicole®

Why is the body of one woman often shaped so differently from that of another?  Though our figures are greatly affected by a variety of factors, perhaps the most important one is the way in which our body fat is stored.  Though body fat distribution varies from one person to the next, enough similarities can be found among large groups that women can be placed in one of several different body-type classifications.  In a recent post, I wrote about pears .  This post is dedicated to a second, fruit-shaped group known as “apples.”  Who are apples?  Apples are women whose fat is primarily located in their abdomens, and who are proportionally larger on top than they are on the bottom.  This top-to-bottom imbalance often makes it difficult for them to find clothing that flatters their figures.  Apples also often have excess upper and lower back fat, and usually have poorly-defined waists.  But, they also tend to have slim legs and thighs.  If you’re an apple, you can count Elizabeth Hurley, Drew Barrymore, and Rosie O’Donnell among your ranks.

A great way to transform your rounded, apple-shaped body is by wearing shapewear.  Choosing the right silhouettes and styles can target those problem spots that will bring balance and better proportion to your body.  Garments that whittle the waist and target the body’s upper-half will be your best weapons.  The most effective garments for apples, then, include waist cinchers, hi-waist briefs, camisoles, torsettes, and bodybriefers.  The waist cincher focuses compression at the waistline and creates an hourglass illusion.  A hi-waist brief can be a mixed bag for an apple.  While it’s perfect for taming the tummy, it ends exactly at the bra line.  So, if you have a “soft” back, the elastic at the top of the garment will tend to make an indentation in your flesh and may highlight your back fat.  I’m not saying, “Don’t wear a hi-waist brief.”  Rather, I’m suggesting that you try one on in the fitting room before buying it so that you can check out what it looks like from the back.

A shaping cami or torsette, on the other hand, is THE choice for eliminating back fat.  In fact, many forms of out-of-control flesh – from bra bulges to love handles – can be controlled with the right cami or torsette delivering a high degree of compression.  In addition, these garments target and tone the belly.  The difference between them is that most shaping camis have breast cups built, or molded, into them, while torsettes are designed to sit completely underneath the bust and allow the wearer to don her own bra.  People are often concerned about roll-up with the bottoms of these two shapewear pieces.  The quickest fix for this problem is to tuck the garment into your panties.  This will usually keep it in place.  The best solution, however, is to buy a cami or torsette made with a silicone-finished edge at its bottom so that the garment will lie flatly against the body and stay in place.  The bodybriefer is an all-in-one shaper that has a bra built into a shaping bodysuit, and looks similar to a one-piece swimsuit.  This silhouette is great for apples because it too prevents back bulges (due to its built-in bra) and tones tummies.  Yes, there are many types of shaping garments that control the lower half of the body, like long legs, thigh slimmers, and pantliners, but you don’t need them.  You already have sexy stems.  That’s the benefit of being an apple!

When it comes to finding the best-looking, best-fitting fashions, every body type poses its own unique set of challenges.  But, when you’re familiar with how your body stores its fat, you can overcomethose difficulties with the right pieces of shapewear.  For some great ideas on clothing your apple-shaped body, take a look at this post at

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