What to Wear under Your Bridesmaid Dress

24 Mar

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By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

For sports fans, this time of year brings the start of the baseball season.  For others among us, spring means the start of the wedding season.  I’m at that time in my life when attendance at, or being an attendant in, a wedding occurs so frequently that I consider it a sport.  I have to prepare, tone up, and suit up to get ready for each big dance.  Sound familiar?  Many women become stumped when trying to figure out what to wear under most of their 27 Dresses.  If you count yourself among them, here are a few helpful hints that should cut down on the confusion surrounding which intimates to wear under your bridesmaid or maid-of-honor dresses.

Step 1 – Think about Fabric

Dresses for outdoor and, especially, destination weddings often incorporate knitted or light fabrics that allow the wearer to be cool and the dresses to flow in the wind.  When wearing such dresses, armoring yourself with shapewear can cause trouble.  Since these dresses can be so lightweight, panties, bras, and/or shapewear should be as flat and smooth as possible.  Look for shapers with light levels of control, as well as silicone-finished edges instead of those made with elastic, since elastic often causes visible panty lines.  Make sure you check yourself out (including your profile and backside) in a mirror.  After all, when assisting a best gal pal on her big day, people will see your front, side, and back.  If you opt out of shapewear, choose thin panties in a thong or boy short silhouette made in a color that matches your flesh tone as closely as possible.  If you’re devoted to your hi-cuts or hipsters, your best option will be panties made with silicone on the backs of their legs.  These drawers will lie flatly against your body and will prevent any potential wedgies.

Step 2 – Think about Dress Style

Chances are, if you serve as a bridesmaid at this time of year, your shoulders and upper chest will be exposed.  Here are some tips for choosing the right intimates to accompany the most common styles of shoulder-friendly bridesmaid dresses and gowns.


Strapless styles are some of the most popular choices for summer bridesmaids. They’re perfect for getting plenty of sun, but if their bodices don’t fit properly, or your shapewear is wrong, your day in the sun can turn ugly.  Strapless bodybriefers are designed with underwire and boning to support the weight of the bust and stop any potential “pop-outs” on the dance floor.  Before leaving the shoppe, however, remember to check yourself in a fitting room mirror to make sure your garment isn’t peaking out over the top of your dress.


One-shoulder bridesmaid dresses have been very popular for the past few wedding seasons.  Once again, a great shapewear silhouette to wear with this style is the strapless bodybriefer.  But in this case, it should be worn using only one strap.  Most strapless bodybriefers come with a set of detachable matching or clear straps.


Wearing halter style dresses can be great because you don’t need to wear a necklace and you can be confident that the dress won’t be going anywhere. Strapless bras or strapless bodybriefers are the best accompaniments yet again. Depending on the styling of the halter, you might be able to loosen one strap and hook the two cups together in the front for extra support and uplift.

Your furs, stoles, and shrugs should be all packed up for the warmer weather.  Fortunately, to be properly suited up for the big, upcoming season, you’ll only need one good strapless bodybriefer.  It might be the only item you’ll be able to wear to every wedding!  Now about that toning up … .

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