Putts and Butts: What to Do about the Golfer’s Wedgie?

22 Jun

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By Adam Welsch
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This past weekend, while watching the men’s U.S. Open Golf Championship on television, my wife and I were discussing the differences between the men’s and the women’s game.  After some ordinary back and forth about tee placement, club size, and physical strength, my wife made a very insightful comment.  “Sure men hit the ball farther than women.  They get to walk around in boxers under those goofy golf pants.  Try concentrating on your backswing when your panties are giving you a wedgie.”  The conversation stopped.  She had made a valid point.  We wondered how many of the more than five million American women who play golf routinely battle the problem of wedgies during their journeys from tee to green.

Though not as frenetic as other sports, golf does present physical demands that can cause wedgies for those wearing ordinary panties.  Anyone who’s played a round knows that there’s a lot of walking involved when carts aren’t used.  A typical course may require a golfer to walk three to four miles.  That’s a lot of movement, and movement is a wedgie’s best friend.  Of course, a proper golf swing causes the body to twist and turn, and such rotation allows panties to ride up a bit with each stroke.  And think about how many times someone must bend and squat to size up putts, mark ball placement, and reach into cups while negotiating eighteen greens.  When it comes to wedgies on the links, it’s not a matter of “if,” it’s only a matter of “when.”

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Unfortunately, resolving that wedgie on the fairway is no easy feat.  Think about it for a moment.  A victim is likely playing with three other golfers in a foursome, in a wide open, outdoor area.  She can’t just duck into the restroom for a quick fix.  I wonder how often balls are purposely hit into the rough so that discreet, but necessary, tugs can be executed under the cover of leaves and tree trunks.  Imagine how eagerly anticipated that 19th Hole must be to those who can’t find an opportune moment to reposition their panties in the middle of a round.

Well, what’s the answer to this problem?  Short of “going commando” (an option certainly not recommended for those wearing golf skirts), the solution lies on the fringes, so to speak.  Panties are available today that are made with silicone that’s directly applied to the fabric around the leg openings. These revolutionary edges prevent the panties from riding up in the back during all sorts of athletic moves.  They not only stay secured to the body, but because they’re directly applied, the silicone edges have the added advantage of being invisible through tight-fitting golf pants.  And, since the silicone’s applied in lines, instead of in one solid, wide band, these edges remain highly breathable. That’s important when playing a few hours of golf under a hot, summer sun.  These wonderful panties are even available in cotton styles if you’re looking for a cooler, more breathable fabric.

So, if you’re a golfer, the good news is that when thinking about playing a round of eighteen holes, there’s literally no longer a need to “get your undies in a bunch.”  Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional golfer of the LPGA, you don’t have to endure wedgies that can compromise your concentration and add strokes to your score.  Of course, from now on, when comparing the men’s and women’s games, you’ll have to be content debating the differences in mundane topics like tee placement, club size, and physical strength.

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