10 Easy Ways to Tame Visible Panty Lines

11 Jan

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By Adam Welsch
Naomi & Nicole®

Visible panty lines are among the most bothersome and intractable fashion problems faced by women today.  The combination of form-fitting fashions, thin outerwear fabrics, and the inclusion of elastics and seams in underwear leads many women to believe that VPLs are a scourge that simply must be tolerated.  But don’t despair.  There are many ways you can mitigate this problem, and even banish it from your wardrobe’s look forever.  Here are ten:

1.  Look for panties with silicone applied at the legs. Choosing panties that have leg openings made with a silicone finish applied directly to the fabric will not only ensure your invisible panties will be breathable and comfortable, it will also guarantee you won’t have to battle the other notorious panty problem – the wedgie.  Thick elastic bands around your leg openings can be things of the past.

2.  Choose panties with boy short silhouettes. A common mistake of those trying to solve the VPL problem is to turn to thongs.  Though thongs use relatively little fabric, they still create lines that appear at the top of the highly-visible center of the back of the pants.  The cut of boy shorts, on the other hand, transfers the outline of the undies to the area below the cheeks, greatly reducing its visibility.

3.  Wear loose-fitting outerwear. This may seem obvious; nevertheless, it may be the easiest, most comfortable solution for VPLs.  Baggy pants and flee-flowing skirts make it virtually impossible for your undies to become attention-grabbers.

4.  Wear some shapewear. If you don’t want to give up your tight pants, wearing the right piece of shapewear can not only remove visible panty lines, it can improve the overall look of those pants by smoothing and shaping your hips, tummy, rear, and thighs.  By wearing a hi-waist thigh slimmer, any lines under your pants will be transferred to your midriff and mid-thigh areas, where they can be concealed by a looser top or pants leg.  A hi-waist thigh slimmer can also double as your pair of panties, so you won’t have to wear two layers of underwear.

5.  Wear a slip. Though not worn as frequently as a generation or two ago, slips can allow you to wear clingy, tight-fitting dresses and skirts without fear of revealing what’s being worn underneath.

6.  Wear outerwear made with thicker fabrics. This solution may only be viable during the colder months of the year.

7.  Choose panties made from thin fabrics. Though cotton is a cool and comfy fabric, it’s also relatively thick.  Select styles made from thin, flexible microfiber instead.

8.  Wear correctly-sized panties. If you wear panties that are a size too large, they’ll bunch up and cause lines.  If you err the other way, and wear some that are a size too small, they’ll dig into you and make portions of your tush more pronounced.

9.  Choose intimates made with stitch-free seams or no seams at all. A lot of underwear manufactured today is constructed with adhesives instead of thread.  Make sure your undies are either seamless or made with bonded seams.

10.  Go commando. Obviously, the most foolproof way of eliminating visible panty lines is to eliminate the source of the problem entirely.  Disposable, adhesive liners or patches are available that can be stuck to the inside of your pants to provide a more comfortable, hygienic alternative to simply wearing pants by themselves.  Of course, many women find wearing no undies at all to be physically or psychologically uncomfortable, so this option isn’t for everyone.

Best of luck on your quest to tame those dreaded, visible panty lines!

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