Shapewear is the Secret to Wedding Dress Bliss


1 Jun

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By Rachel Rumsey
Cupid Intimates

June is traditionally the most popular month for weddings.  At this time of year, brides-to-be all over the country are busy, excitedly checking every last detail to make sure their upcoming big event is just perfect.  Naturally, the wedding dress is a focal point of their attention.  Tremendous thought is spent making sure the perfect dress is found and that it looks just right for the big day.  But how many women realize that the secret to achieving wedding dress bliss is wearing the right piece of shapewear underneath it?

Recently, I was talking with a beautiful bride-to-be.  She needed help choosing undergarments for her wedding dress.  Like many ladies, she wasn’t familiar with the many shapewear options available today, and only knew that she wanted to look beautiful.  She tried on some garments with the dress to ensure comfort and good fit and was thrilled with the results.  Her low back, A-line dress, coupled with the shape of her body, led us to choose a bodybriefer with a low back.   She wanted to have a smooth profile and prevent bra straps or bands from being seen.  It was perfect.  But she did notice that her straps were now too long, so the dress wasn’t lying flatly and was “pooching” in the back.  It’s not uncommon for fit issues like these to pop up when trying on shapewear with a wedding dress, since your silhouette changes as it’s smoothed and shaped.  As a result, different alterations may be needed, or planned alterations may no longer be necessary.

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After picking out the bodybriefer, she was all set.  As she was leaving with her dress, she mentioned that she didn’t need to buy the bodybriefer yet and would wait to pick it up later.  I realized she didn’t know that she needed to wear her new shapewear (and wedding shoes) during her fitting.  This lack of knowledge wasn’t her fault; it’s a common oversight that her seamstress should have discussed with her.  When you pay someone to alter your clothes, you want to make sure to get the most out of your money.  You’ll get much better results if you wear the proper undergarments and shoes for your alterations.  This way, your posture (greatly affected by your shoes’ heel height) and shape will be the same as they will be when you wear your dress on your wedding day.

Luckily, I was able to explain to this one bride why she needed to bring her new bodybriefer and shoes to her fitting but, alas, I cannot catch every one.  This post is my attempt to shout out from the mountain tops to all brides (and every woman getting something altered), “Don’t forget your shapewear!”

For more information to assist you in your selection of shapewear, please read some of In Form’s other posts, especially those about levels of control and types of shapewear.  You’re a beautiful bride-to-be and you have a beautiful dress.  Now, all you need is for your dress to be a perfect fit – just like your fiancé.

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