5 Reasons to Think Shapewear for Halloween


26 Oct

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By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

Halloween is fast approaching.  If you’re like most of us, you’re scrambling this week to make sure that the candy, pumpkins, decorations, and costumes for the kids will all be ready for Sunday night.  And if you’re like a growing number of adults, you’re also making sure your own costume’s ready for “Dress-Up Friday” at the office, that big party on Saturday night, or your Sunday night candy-distribution and trick-or-treating-chaperoning duties.  As you plan your outfit’s finishing touches, you might want to consider including something that hasn’t traditionally been associated with Halloween costumes – shapewear.  Why?  Here are five scarily-good reasons.

1. Today’s Adult Costumes Require You to Look Your Best

Over the past couple of decades, Halloween has evolved to be a holiday for adults as much as one for kids.  Though traditionally scary or funny costumes are still the choice for many, a growing number of women are choosing to wear outfits that let them indulge their more daring sides.  As an article in yesterday’s Tennessean points out, form-fitting and risqué outfits are all the rage.  If you’re planning to dress up as a sexy Cinderella, provocative police officer, or naughty nurse, shapewear can ensure that you look your best in your costume.

Since daring costumes favor the classic hourglass shape and usually reveal both cleavage and the lower thighs, shapewear pieces that focus on the midriff and tummy can give your look the added zing you’re likely after.  The ideal garment here is the waist cincher.  But you might also consider a hi-waist thong since it avoids the risk of “tush smush.”  A padded rear brief could also help accentuate your curves.

2. Today’s Adult Costumes Might Make You Blush

Not everyone wants to dress provocatively on Halloween.  Unfortunately, the heavy market demand for racy costumes has left the modest among us with fewer available options.  But the right shapewear silhouette can provide the extra coverage to turn an outfit’s R rating into a PG-13.  Say, for example, you want to be a vampire but the only costumes you can find incorporate miniskirts.  No problem.  Just add a black pantliner to your ensemble and transport your Princess of Darkness persona from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first.  Or, if your Roman goddess or cowgirl outfit reveals too much of your midriff, turn to a skin-colored torsette or cami and preserve your sense of modesty.  Of course, the bonus here is that by increasing your costume’s coverage, you’ll also be smoothing and controlling your figure’s imperfections.

3. Spandex Makes a Great Costume Foundation

If you’re from the old school and enjoy creating your own costumes, the right shapewear piece can serve as the perfect foundation for whatever creative inspiration you choose to “flesh out.”  The skin-tight nature of spandex makes it the most concealable material with which to work.  You can sew, stick, or staple anything you want onto it for a custom-made look.  And, with its super-stretchy characteristics, it’s the perfect option if your outfit requires extra stuffing.  A long leg bodybriefer can be a great choice here, as its all-in-one silhouette will cover everything from your chest to your thighs.

4. It Can Be Chilly on October 31st

If you live at an altitude or latitude that delivers a chill on Halloween, you know how cold you can become wearing a costume.  Whether store-bought or homemade, many costumes tend to be thin or have coverage gaps.  The answer, of course, is to wear a layer underneath, and nothing fits the bill better than shapewear.  Sure, long underwear might be thicker, but your choice of silhouettes is limited.  Shapewear’s myriad of styles comes to the rescue.  You can find the right piece to provide the right amount, and location, of warmth.  Arm shapers can be great for sleeveless outfits; pantliners for those with skirts; torsettes for costumes that expose the upper back; and bodybriefers for those that are flimsy all over.

5. Shapewear Fits Your Halloween Budget

If you shop for costumes this week, be prepared for some sticker shock.  It’s not uncommon to see costumes priced at $70 or more.  Whether you’re looking to add a layer to one of these, or trying to create your own costume on a budget, shapewear is a great solution.  While some high-profile brands come with their own hefty price tags, there are many branded silhouettes sold at discount retailers that can meet your needs for less than $15 a piece.  Even full-coverage bodybriefers can be found that cost less than $25 each.  And, if you’re wearing shapewear for reasons 1, 2, or 4 above, its value will grow as you wear it again and again throughout the year.

Regardless of which reason makes shapewear an appealing addition to your Halloween costume, make sure to think about the level of control that’ll be right for you.   If you’re new to shapewear, look for styles that provide light or Comfortable Firm® control; if you’re an experienced wearer, you might consider those delivering firm or extra firm control.  The key factor to keep in mind is the length of time you’ll be wearing the outfit.

Finally, here’s the best part of buying shapewear for Halloween.  With that new shaper at the ready, you’ll be able to eat all the candy you want and you won’t have to show an inch.

When it’s time to dress up for Halloween, what do you do?

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