Finding the Best Shapewear for You

11 Aug

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By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Naomi & Nicole®

If you’ve been watching or listening to the media, you’ve probably noticed people talking a great deal about shapewear.  This has created a rise in demand for this intimates category.  New companies and new brands are riding this wave, vying for your attention so they can tell you, “We have the best shapewear available.”  Between the new brand launches, expensive commercials, and celebrity endorsements, how is the average person like you supposed to find the best shapewear?  Below is a list of three questions you should ask yourself in preparation for the hunt.  The answers will help you find the right shaper for you, regardless of the hype you may hear on TV or read on the web.

1.  How much money do I have to spend?

The good news about all of the shapewear competition is that you’ll be able to find pieces that fit your budget.  From discount mass merchandisers to luxury boutiques, chances are that if a retailer sells bras and panties, it sells shapewear too.  That means there will be a wide variety of price-point options out there from which to choose.

2.  Which part of my body do I want to shape?

Maybe you’re feeling self-conscious  about a post-pregnancy tummy or the way your back looks in knits.  Think about the area or areas you want to tone, and try on some shapewear meant to cover them.  Common problem areas include the tummy, thighs, hips, waist, midriff, and back.  There are a great variety of shapewear silhouettes available for your upper and lower body.

3.  To what degree do I want the garment to change my shape?

“Duh,” you say, “I want my shaper to do the most shaping it possibly can!”  However, not all shapewear garments are equally effective. That’s where levels of control come in.  Light control will smooth out your lumps or cellulite.  Moderate or Comfortable Firm® control will control your body’s jiggle and smooth you too.  Firm control will shape your body.  Most lines of shapewear don’t include any control levels greater than firm.  If you’re looking for the most transformative shapewear available, seek out brands providing extra firm control.

You might now be wondering, “If extra firm is the best control level on the market, why do the other options exist?”  Although extra firm will shape a body to the greatest degree, it’s typically more constrictive, and less comfortable, than lower levels of control.  Think of shapewear control as a teeter-totter.  Selecting a level is all about achieving the right balance of comfort and appearance results for you and your particular situation.

Regardless of the hype about the latest, greatest shapewear brand for the hoi polloi, the best shaper is the one that’s right for you and your budget.  If you look great and feel confident, you’ll know you’ve found the best shapewear for you.

In your search for the right piece of shapewear, which question will create the most uncertainty for you?

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