Shapewear Delivers That 24 Carrot Easter Look


21 Apr

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By Rachel Rumsey
Naomi & Nicole®

Whether you’ll be meeting up with that same old group, or starting a new tradition, you may be wondering how to put some extra “hop” in your Easter/spring look.  Easter’s been a stylish holiday for many, many years since it traditionally involves giving, and looking, your best to honor the significance of a very special occasion.  A surefire way to up your look from 14 to 24 “Carrots” is to smooth out your silhouette with shapewear.  Whether you choose to don a fancy hat, or wear a spring dress, you’ll find that eliminating lumps with shapewear gives you greater confidence to enjoy the festivities.

The variety of shapewear options available today allows women to choose the best pieces for their particular outfits.  Just yesterday, for example, I found that a torsette bodybriefer worked perfectly with the fitted pants and light knit shirt I wore.  It smoothed so well that I lost the bump where my pants transitioned to my shirt, and my bra band lines disappeared too.  If you’re wearing a dress with a fitted or belted waist, you may want to try on a waist cincher and make a before-and-after comparison.  A cincher allows you to target your need without wearing any unnecessary material.  You can trim your waist and still wear those cute panties!

If wearing pants or a skirt, you might want to try on a pantliner or a thigh slimmer, respectively.  Not only will they smooth your appearance, they’ll make you more comfortable throughout the day if chafing is a concern for you.  A thigh slimmer (a.k.a. long leg) is the way to go if all you need is thigh control.

When wearing a lightweight knit, you may find that the fabric clings to your imperfections.  If so, try wearing some shapewear under that clingy knit and see how it glides over your form.  I like light control garments under lightweight knits when I just want a little smoothing.  Adding shapewear to your ensemble can give your look that sparkle you often see in magazines.

As we begin wearing lighter fabrics, sometimes lumps and rolls that were hidden under winterwear spring out.  In addition, many spring outfits feature floral patterns and colors that draw attention to our pretty looks.  You may feel that you don’t want to wear another layer as the weather warms, but a lightweight shaper can be breathable and very comfortable, and take care of those rolls.  I like styles with sheer fabrics – they allow me to stay cool all day during warmer months.

A quick note with regard to color – make sure you pay attention to the color of your shapewear and panties.  Lighter-weight fabrics may not hide the color of your intimates as well as your winter clothes did.  Shapewear that most closely matches your skin tone will probably be your best bet as you wear light colors during your spring outings with your egg-hunting friends and family.  While some chicks may hang out with fuzzy bunnies to up their cuteness factor, others may elect a different look.  Shapewear can support that look and be the key to upping your number of “Carrots.”

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