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Don’t See Straps as Booby Traps

16 Sep

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

When it comes to the fit, fashion, and function of your bra, bodybriefer, cami, torsette, or bra slip, straps can make a big difference.  There are many different kinds, and the following list incorporates the majority of strap options available today.  Keep in mind that the classifications below aren’t mutually-exclusive; often one set of straps has a combination of characteristics that allows it to be placed in several different categories at once. […]

How to Potty at the Party in Shapewear

14 Sep

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

Any well-dressed lady knows how difficult using the restroom can be when outfitted for a big event.  Not only must extra time and attention be paid to touching up hair and make-up, extra care must be taken to make sure everything is tucked in or lying correctly.  Special outfits are often more delicate and intricate than a typical day’s ready-to-wear.  And chances are that underneath that fabulous dress are layers building the foundation of a flawless look.  Unfortunately, when it comes to thinking about “bathroom ease,” nothing complicates matters more than negotiating the complexities of shapewear. […]

Forget Rabbits’ Feet and Four-Leaf Clovers. Slip on Some Undies.

9 Sep

By Adam Welsch
Naomi & Nicole®

Have you been down on your luck recently?  Have the world’s economic problems hit you and your family particularly hard?  Are you having trouble finding your prince amidst a sea of frogs, or are you looking for a little extra assurance as you begin a new life with someone special?  Or, have you just found it impossible lately to hit a curveball?  Don’t reach for a worn out rabbit’s foot, wilted four-leaf clover, or rusty horseshoe.  These are easily lost, too fragile, or can set off a metal detector at the airport.  A better solution is on offer at your favorite lingerie department.  Many people believe that the best way to attract good fortune is to wear the right women’s undies. […]

The Potential Harm of a Poorly-Fitting Bra

7 Sep

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

It’s been said that wearing a poorly-fitting bra can do more damage than wearing no bra at all.  Here are a just few examples of the ways in which your bra may cause discomfort and injury when it’s not sized properly for your body.

1.  Bra straps that are too tight can, when worn over the course of many years, cause permanent indentations in the tops of your shoulders.  If nerves become impinged, numbness may also result.  When bra straps are too tight, they’re bearing too much weight.  When fitted properly, they should only be responsible for providing 10% of the breast support; 90% of the responsibility for holding your breasts at attention should be borne by your bra’s band.  If it’s loose, made of spongy fabric, or has been washed and worn so many times that its elastic fibers are breaking down, your band won’t do its job and will be your enemy, not your ally. […]