8 Reasons to Choose Shapewear over Surgery

11 May

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By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

Despite leading lives that incorporate healthy diets and exercise, many women still struggle to eliminate bulges and pockets of excess flab.  Whether such problem areas take the form of pot bellies, muffin tops, love handles, back fat, saddle bags, or bingo arms, exasperation often leads to thoughts of cosmetic surgery.  While such surgery can correct body imperfections, “going under the knife” is certainly a drastic step to take.  A better alternative for many women is a selection from the wide variety of modern, technically sophisticated, comfortable shapewear available today.

“No way,” you say? You won’t be caught dead wearing one of your grandma’s girdles?  But these are not your grandma’s girdles.  Before picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment for an initial surgical consultation, consider the following eight reasons why wearing shapewear tops resorting to cosmetic surgery:

1.  There’s No Need for a Second Mortgage

Depending on your choice of brand, silhouette, and retailer, a good piece of shapewear can set you back anywhere from $30.00 to $125.00.  Compare that with an estimated cost of $4000.00 for an arm lift, $4600.00 for a thigh lift, $4000.00 to $8000.00 for liposuction, $8500.00 for a tummy tuck, or $10,000.00 for a bra-line back lift.  Ouch!  Remember, since we’re talking about elective procedures, medical insurance won’t provide any coverage.  Clearly, wearing shapewear is the more cost-effective option for looking your best.

2.  There’s No Need for Pain Killers

If you’ve never had to undergo a surgical procedure, it’s hard to understand how painful the recovery can be.  Though the duration and severity of the discomfort will vary with the procedure performed, the control provided by shapewear will feel like a massage in comparison.

3.  There’s No Scarring

Regardless of the skill of the surgeon, scarring is always a possible outcome when skin has to be cut.  Unlike cosmetic surgery, wearing shapewear leaves no lasting marks on you – only lasting impressions on those you’re trying to wow.

4.  It Delivers Immediate Results

Going through cosmetic surgery takes time.  From choosing the procedure and the doctor, to scheduling the surgery, through the procedure itself and the recovery, many weeks or months may elapse.  If you want to look your best for an upcoming special occasion, instant results can be achieved with a quick trip to the mall nearest you.

5.  It Delivers Convenient Results

Do you enjoy visiting the doctor and staying in the hospital?  How about traveling hours or days from your home to do so?  These are necessary evils associated with tummy tucks, thigh lifts, and other plastic procedures.  Shapewear, on the other hand, can be ordered right from the comfort of your own home.  What could be easier?

6.  There’s No Need to Worry about Complications

As resistance to antibiotics continues to grow, a trip to the hospital is increasingly likely to result in the contraction of an infection.  Buying shapewear, on the other hand, carries no risk of such a complication.  Instead, the only problem that may result is the misplacement of a store receipt that could complicate the return or exchange of a garment.

7.  Mistakes are Easy to Fix

What happens to someone unlucky enough to have her surgery performed by a less-than-highly-skilled doctor?  And what happens when a patient experiences second thoughts after changing her appearance?  Such unsatisfactory outcomes can only be remedied by more surgery.  Shapewear outcomes, on the other hand, are easy to change or fix.  All one has to do is exchange one style for another.

8.  Outcomes Can Be Varied

Surgery doesn’t provide flexibility.  Choose a procedure, and your appearance will be altered to look one specific way.  But wearing shapewear gives a consumer options to smooth, slim, or re-shape her appearance, depending on the outfits to be worn, by choosing garments with different degrees of control.

Remember, as with many things in life, the simplest solution is often the best.  The purchase of the right piece of shapewear can transform your appearance quickly, easily, painlessly, and relatively inexpensively.  Leave cosmetic surgery to those who truly have no other options.

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