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Bump up that Rump

17 Aug

By MaryJo Kosisher-Demski
Cupid Intimates

Fashion is, indeed, a fickle beast.

For most of the past several centuries, women have squirmed and twisted their way into full-length corsets, girdles, control-top pantyhose, and any other garments that promised to slim ample hips and backsides.  When those slenderizing promises didn’t exactly come to fruition, most pear-shaped ladies concealed their abundant assets beneath long and shapeless skirts, fervently hoping that no eyes strayed south-of-the-border to Nature’s plenty. […]

7 Tips on How to Sew Shapewear

12 Aug

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

Sewing shapewear (or girdles if you’re “old school”) requires patience and skill.  The high stretch and slickness of most of the fabrics, combined with the presence of multiple plies, makes attention to fabric handling very important.  As a designer of intimate apparel, I’ve learned some useful tricks over the years to make the process more successful.  These tips can also be used when making swimwear, dancewear, or panties since sewing these items creates similar challenges.  Here are seven tricks for sewing professional-looking garments. […]

Short or Small?
Shapewear Solutions for Petites

10 Aug

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

If your body’s shape lies somewhere outside the range of common sizes, you undoubtedly encounter trouble shopping.  We’ve already discussed problems and solutions for the tall woman, but what about those for the small one?  If you’re petite, you know the central problem is always length – inseams, sleeves, and torsos are just too long.  But small women are also often swallowed by garments designed for those with fuller hips and larger busts.  One solution is to take your outerwear to a tailor.  If she’s experienced and there’s ample fabric, adjustments can be made to give you the proper fit for your small frame.  But what do you do about your shapewear?  Here are some helpful hints to allow you to confidently choose shapewear that will work well with your smaller body. […]

How to Keep White Lingerie Its Whitest

5 Aug

By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

Last week, this blog offered some laundering tips to help keep black lingerie looking its blackest.  But what about white intimates?  Though not as popular as it once was, white is perhaps the most traditional color of underwear, and can still be found in most dresser drawers and closets.  Maintaining its brightness and clarity is important, and may be the most challenging of all laundering tasks.

Keeping white bras, panties , and shapewear their whitest requires a mostly different set of tactics than that used to care for black lingerie.  However, as with black undies, remember the laundry room’s first rule of thumb – the steps you take to clean your unmentionables should never contradict the instructions on your garments’ care labels.  Maintaining your shapewear’s bright white appearance, for example, will do you no good if you ruin the integrity or stretch of its fabrics. […]