Curvy Girls, Don’t Forget Your Shapewear in 2010


15 Apr

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By Rachel Rumsey
Cupid Intimates

Have you struggled to interpret fashion trends for your curves?  Well, ladies, you, Jessica Rabbit, and Joan Harris all have something in common.  But while Mrs. Rabbit doesn’t mind flaunting what she’s got, the rest of us may desire clothes more appropriate for walks of life that don’t include singing at supper clubs.  Let me touch on a few current fashion trends and suggest some tips on how best to wear them.

The nautical trend for 2010 is fun but sets traps for those ladies who wear sizes larger than 8. You may have noticed how chic the models look in horizontal-striped shirts, but beware.   Such stripes will make you look wider.  And who needs that?  I’ve never thought to myself, “Hmm, I’d like to look wider today.”  If you simply must wear horizontal stripes, incorporate a torsette, waist shaper, or control cami underneath.  Also, when choosing to wear horizontal stripes, make sure to select a garment that’s fitted.  If you frequently find your shapewear adrift, then look for stay-put features, such as silicone edges, that’ll ensure all-day comfort and smoothness.  If you want to navigate towards a more flattering option in the nautical trend, choose wide-leg pants inspired by naval uniforms to show off your curves.

Another trend for 2010 is the focus on the upper half.  Fashion shows have been featuring belts and fitted tops to highlight small waists and frame busts.  If you’re a curvy girl, you can use this trend to your advantage.  When worn with full skirts, belts and fitted tops allow you to leave your thigh slimmer in the drawer.  When your shoulders are covered, you can choose a torsette to maximize the focus on your upper half.  A step- in or pull-on waist cincher or torsette is a nice option because it’ll pull you in from all sides, smooth you out under your clothes, and complete your look.  The real advantage here is that these pieces are worn with the bra of your choice.  Don’t underestimate the importance of a good bra!  It’ll make your waist look smaller and show off your figure.  The bra will work in harmony with your torsette or waist cincher to give your look the polish it deserves.  If your outfit is strapless or has a very wide-open neckline, a bustier may be the best choice to cinch your waist and lift your hoohaas because a lady never shows her straps.  Remember, even clear straps can be seen against bare skin.

If you like the feminine trend of bows and frills on clothes, keep your frame in mind.  If you’re petite, a bow or frill that’s too big will overpower your frame and make you look like a doll.  If you have ample apple dumplings, then make sure to be careful with bow and frill placement.  While an average-sized chest can look cute with a large bow or frill along its neckline, a larger chest will appear too top heavy.   Just be careful to keep the feminine details under control so you don’t end up looking like a cupcake! When wearing bows or ruffles, you want to ensure that the non-frilly areas of your outfit are smooth.  Try donning a smoothing slip or pair of bike shorts underneath so that attention doesn’t turn from your ruffles to any unwanted lumps.

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Of course, skinny pants and jeans are still everywhere.  While I admit that slim girls look great in them, somehow the fact that everyone else doesn’t fails to translate to the general public.  If you like the look of skinny jeans or pants, but wear a size larger than 8, consider a dark-wash, straight-cut leg as a substitute.  A straight-cut leg will deliver a similar look, but will be more flattering on most people.  If you feel overly thigh- or bum-blessed, try a thigh slimmer.  Thigh slimmers are also referred to as long legs, and often have other features built into them such as tummy control and rear lift (but don’t let those confuse you).

A few trends to completely skip are hot pants, over-the-knee socks, and sheer garments worn with only bras underneath.  For ladies blessed with curves, these trends quickly become un-classy.  If you do like the sheer-over-lingerie look, try wearing a sheer blouse over a meant-to-be-seen shapewear cami.  The cami will provide coverage and also smooth you.  But be sure you wear the correct size.  None of us needs to look like a sausage!

Overall, the take-away here is that there’s a lot for curvy girls to consider when shopping in 2010.  Unfortunately, this isn’t an all-inclusive guide for 2010 fashion trends and related shapewear suggestions.  And I know that translating fashion trends for the curvy figure can be confusing; however, I’m hopeful that these tips will get you started.  Remember, wearing the correct shapewear with those trendy outfits could be the difference between oops and ooh-la-la.

CC Image courtesy of Eva Luedin on Flickr / CC BY 2.0
CC Image courtesy of bee wolf ray on Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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