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Crossover Bra Cup Sizing

15 Jun

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

I recently heard one of my coworkers talking with another woman – let’s call her Maxine.  Maxine said that when she buys brand new bras, she always uses bra extenders.  That concept floored me.  Maxine vehemently insisted that she’s a 36DDD, and that her size requires her to use these accessories.  She proclaimed, “DDD, that’s my cup size,” and wouldn’t listen to reason.  After my coworker realized her breath was lost trying to convince Maxine otherwise, she gave up.  This post is dedicated to Maxine and anyone else who wears bra extenders.

Get ready for Level 2 of bra enlightenment.


Just Look at Their Shoes

10 Jun

By Tony Angelino
Cupid Intimates

Many years ago the apparel industry started leaving the United States.  The common public perception has always been that its cause was the corporate search for cheap labor, but those in the industry know that the principal reason was that Americans didn’t want to sew any more.  Sewing was considered to be an unattractive labor career, less interesting and less rewarding than higher-paying ones in the automobile and steel industries, and more physically demanding than those in the service sector.  Jobs in those industries were more highly prized, and applicants stood in line for them.  Yet willing applicants for sewing positions were impossible to find.  Manufacturers were merely trading operators.  Very little new talent was appearing at plants, even though the signs were always posted advertising “OPERATORS WANTED.” […]

No Way! Way.
10 True Bra Stories

8 Jun

By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

Ever thought that you’ve heard it all?  What follows is a collection of ten strange but true stories that have appeared in the news over the past decade, and all of them share one thing in common.  They all revolve around bras.

1.  No One Was on the Fence

Between December of 1999 and September of 2006, a fence adjacent to some New Zealand farm land was covered at various times with as many as 1500 bras.  The Cardrona Bra Fence, so named for the Cardrona Valley located southwest of Wanaka, New Zealand, was a controversial tourist attraction.  Many local inhabitants looked upon the fence as a lighthearted, quirky attention getter; others thought it to be an embarrassment and a traffic hazard.  No one knows why the original four bras were hung on the fence in 1999, but by 2006 the local Council had had enough and ordered their removal. […]

Shapewear Delivers Fairy-Tale Endings

3 Jun

By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

Yesterday, when I was at the library, a funny thought occurred to me.  Could classic children’s fairy tales be re-written as allegories for adults to help convey the benefits of modern shapewear?   Would these be appealing to moms more accustomed to stories of little pigs and sleeping princesses than to testimonials about spandex and nylon?  Since checking out my paperbacks, the seeds of fairy-tale e-books have been dancing through my head – fairy tales with a twist (or, rather, a squeeze), of course.   I doubt the likes of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm ever dreamed that their stories might be adapted for such a purpose someday. […]