Intimate Anecdotes III


20 Apr

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TSA – Traveling Shapewear Alert

By Sandy S.
Cupid Intimates

Recently, while traveling on a business trip, I was making my way through a security checkpoint at the Las Vegas airport when I set off the metal detector’s alarm.  As all of us have done in response to that situation, I took off my watch and jewelry (even though these items had never triggered the alarm on any of my previous trips).  I walked through the detector again and, sure enough, the alarm sounded again.  The TSA officer told me to step off to the side, where another TSA officer – this one, a woman – was to conduct a more thorough screening.

After some wanding of my arms and legs failed to reveal the metallic source, I was asked to lift up my blouse.  That’s right, lift up my blouse!  Much to my surprise, my waist cincher turned out to be the source of the problem.  The stays were the culprits.

This experience was somewhat embarrassing, but what made it truly unforgettable was what happened next.  The female officer looked at me and said, “Wow!  That looks great.  I need something like that.  Where can I get one?”

What to Do When the Panties Disappear?

By Pippa B.
Cupid Intimates

Have you ever noticed the addiction that’s created when a woman finally finds a panty style she loves?  Scared that her prized discovery could be discontinued, she becomes determined to buy every single unit in her size, spending her day going from store to store in search of all available pieces.  I must admit that I’ve become just such a shopper, and have recently found myself stocking up on a few styles of my favourite brand.  During one recent “hunt,” I felt a little crazy, wondering how many consumers would do such a thing.  But lately, I’ve been running into more and more ladies who admit to being panty hoarders, some of whom claim to do it all the time.

For these women, this is an emotionally-charged issue.  A few of them have had tears in their eyes describing to me the pain they feel as a result of losing their favourite panties.  As a result, I’ve started asking shoppers, “What is it that makes a woman fall in love with her panties?”  Here’s what they’ve told me:

  • “No lines.”
  • “No ride.”
  • “When I wear them it feels like I have nothing on.”
  • “I can run, walk, crouch, workout, and chase my kids.  I can do everything in these!”
  • “My partner loves them.”

So, what should you do when your panties go missing?

Search online first.  See whether your favourite retailer shows on-hand quantities of your panty in its stores.  If it doesn’t, try to get a hold of the manufacturer’s sales representative and ask which brick & mortar stores may still have some in stock.   If either avenue turns up gold, plan a day-long treasure hunt to round up what’s still available in your area.  If there just aren’t any units available in your area, contact the manufacturer again and see whether it’ll sell you any pieces over the phone or via the internet.  Remember, as you go through this process, don’t be picky about color; just make sure to get the right size in your beloved style.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, and you are looking for underwear, after all.  Only you and your partner will know which color you’re wearing.  Having a comfortable, invisible fit is really what’s important.

Have you ever hoarded your favorite panty style?

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