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Tales from the Intimates Fitting Room

10 Nov

By Lynn B.
Cupid Intimates

As an intimate apparel merchandiser, I’m in department stores most of the day, five days a week.  When trying to help customers, I never know what I might see, hear, or learn.  Most conversations I have with them deal with the body part they’re trying to lift, smooth, firm, or preferably make go away (without using liposuction).  Much of the time, I help customers find the garments that will do the trick.  And more often than not, I walk away with a cute story about the encounter that I’m able to share with others in the form of advice.


Shapewear: Try Before You Buy

5 Nov

By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

Try before you buy.  That’s a pretty ironic statement to make in the online world, where purchasing items usually requires a bit of faith, backed up by an accommodating product return policy.  But whether you purchase shapewear from a website or a traditional brick & mortar retailer, investing some of your time in a store’s dressing room first is sure to make you a more satisfied customer in the end.

Why?  While all clothes come in sizes and fabrics that fit differently from person to person, shapewear has more “satisfaction variables” than other apparel (due to the functions it performs) that consumers must take into consideration and assess.  Trying on shapewear, therefore, may be more important than trying on any other type of apparel.  Each garment combines a fabric, silhouette, and level of control to produce a specific look, feel, fit, and function.  You know from experience that if an item of clothing doesn’t look right, it’ll end up sitting in your closet or drawer.  Imagine how infrequently a piece of shapewear will see the light of day if it’s unattractive, uncomfortable, and doesn’t do the job you thought it would do when you bought it.  Trying on a garment will tell you how it’ll look, feel, and function on your unique body. […]

Care Labels for Shapewear, Bras, and Panties

3 Nov

By Marcy Montgomery Jones
Cupid Intimates

How much time do you spend looking at the care labels inside of your clothes?  How much thought, overall, do you give to doing your laundry? Don’t make the simple mistake of not taking the time, and devoting the effort, to learning how to properly clean your clothes. US law requires that all textile-wearing apparel sold in the United States contain symbols from the chart created by the Federal Trade Commission and found on the website of  The American Cleaning Institute.  Do yourself a favor.  Print this chart and post it by your washer and dryer so you’ll know how to interpret those funny little symbols on all those labels, and how to correctly wash, dry, iron, and/or dry-clean your favorite garments. […]