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19 Nov

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By Lynn B.
Cupid Intimates

Whether you’re going to be a bride, a mother of a bride or groom, or a member of a wedding party, you have to be prepared to pose for a lot of wedding pictures.  When viewing those shots after the wedding day, don’t let yourself regret not wearing some kind of lingerie under your dress to smooth out your lumps & bumps, or reduce that bulge around your middle.  There are a number of shapewear styles – everything ranging from lightweight, smoothing garments to extra-firm-control, shaping ones – that will help you look your absolute best in those pictures some of us dread looking at for years after the big day.


Does your gown have a fitted bodice that’s just a little too tight around the waist?   Can you just see its zipper giving way on your walk down the aisle or during your Father/Daughter dance at the reception?  Talk about ruining your big day!  Try on a waist cincher to gain a little more room, deliver a completely smooth look, and remove that zipper worry from your mind.

Is your dress fitted from top to bottom?  Try wearing a strapless, long-leg bodybriefer to give you a smooth line all the way down – with no jiggling. Remember, all of your guests will be looking at you from the back as you walk down the aisle.


Shapewear isn’t just for the bride.  It can be a good idea for you to wear some under your dress as well.  After all, you don’t want to be the bridesmaid who stands out in the pictures because you look heavier and lumpier than all the other women in the wedding party.  Make sure to look for styles that don’t create visible lines.  Those that have silicone at their edges not only ensure fits that will stay in place once they’re put on, but presences that will be invisible to others as well.

There are silhouettes and levels of control to suit any body type.  The four levels of control are light, comfortable firm, firm, and extra firm.  You should be able to find one that’s comfortable for you.  But remember, in order to gain more shaping and control, you’ll have to accept a bit more compression which some can find uncomfortable.

If you’re thin, but have a bump or two of cellulite, try wearing a light-control smoothing brief, thigh slimmer, or even bra slip. These will give you a smooth look and prevent jiggling, but won’t feel restrictive at all.  If you have a tummy that sticks out, look for seamed garments with double tummy panels.  Seams are the key to providing shape and really flattening the tummy. This type of garment is available in firm, or extra firm, control.  Firm styles deliver shaping, but are more comfortable and flexible.  Extra firm styles give more control and the feeling of containment, and can make the dress that’s a little too small fit perfectly.  Some extra-firm-control styles are made with additional hip and side panels for those of you that need some help in those areas.

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It’s not just brides and bridesmaids who want to look their best on the big day.  Moms and Grandmoms – depending on your dress’ style, and whether it’s fitted, belted, clingy, or something in between, there are a number of shapewear options waiting for you.  High-waist brief (beginning just below the bra) and high-waist long leg (ending right above the knees) silhouettes are made in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors.  These silhouettes provide smoother lines than waistline garments that can leave you with a muffin-top.  If your dress is strapless, you might choose a strapless bodybriefer.  A shaping cami can also be a good lightweight alternative to give you a smooth look without a lot of constriction.  As you look at the pictures for years to come, you don’t want to be the Mom or Grandmom who looked as though she had a spare tire around her middle, or weighed twenty pounds more than everyone else.


O.K., you agree that shapewear could do wonders for your figure, but you’re worried about the heat.  After all, most weddings take place between April and September, when the weather can be pretty warm.  Don’t worry.  A friend of mine went to her son’s June outdoor wedding in Houston and decided to wear a long leg bodybriefer to make sure she looked her best.  You may not be familiar with Houston in June but – trust me – it’s very hot and very humid.  Though initially worried that she’d be too hot in the bodybriefer, she was pleasantly surprised to find that instead of feeling hot in her outfit, she just looked hot in those pictures.

Remember, though your ensemble will be worn for only a few short hours, those wedding pictures – and your place in them – will last a lifetime.

CC Image courtesy of flippinyank on Flickr / CC BY 2.0
CC Image courtesy of Olympus Photography by Mássimo on Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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