20 More Questions to Test Your IQ (Intimates Quotient)

7 Dec

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By Adam Welsch
Cupid Intimates

It’s been more than six months since we posted our first IQ test. Since then, a lot of new, interesting facts about bras, panties, and shapewear have been discussed in these pages.  How many of them do you remember?  Do you want to find out?  Here’s our second test to measure your knowledge of these intimate fashion categories. Use the answer key at the end of the test to score yourself and determine your intimates quotient (IQ).

1. To help keep black lingerie its blackest, prior to washing, new items should be pre-soaked for fifteen to thirty minutes in a solution of water, salt, and which other ingredient?

a. Lemon Juice
b. White Wine Vinegar
c. Canola Oil
d. Balsamic Vinegar

2. What’s the name of the special underwear that female astronauts wear under their bulky spacesuits to ensure they stay cool?

a. ACUs

b. TRIPs

c. LCVGs

d. HDAWs

3. What’s the name for the special piece of intimate apparel worn by crossdressers to hide the presence of male genitalia?

a. Gaff

b. Geff

c. Goff

d. Guff

4. Which of the following is NOT a special feature commonly associated with the fabrics of sport panties?

a. Odor Control

b. Moisture Wicking

c. Ultraviolet-Radiation Protection

d. Skin Moisturization

5. At which performer’s shows is the practice of panty throwing thought to have originated?

a. Elvis Presley

b. Frank Sinatra

c. Tom Jones

d. Engelbert Humperdinck

6. Where and when is the first organized panty raid thought to have occurred?

a. At Augustana College in 1949

b. At the University of Michigan in 1952

c. At the University of California at Los Angeles in 1947

d. At Oberlin College in 1950

7. According to a crossover bra size chart, a size 36C bra cup holds the same volume of breast tissue as a cup of which of the following other bra sizes?

a. 40B

b. 32DD

c. 40C

d. 36D

8. From 1999 to 2006, a farm fence in which country was used to display approximately 1500 bras?

a. Australia

b. Switzerland

c. United Kingdom

d. New Zealand

9. In many parts of Latin America, wearing which panty color on New Year’s Eve is thought to bring wealth for the coming year?

a. Yellow

b. Green

c. White

d. Blue

10. Which sport is being played at the professional level by women wearing lingerie as uniforms?

a. Baseball

b. Soccer

c. Football

d. Basketball

11. The average woman changes bra sizes how many times during her lifetime?

a. 4

b. 6

c. 8

d. 10

12. Which of the following factors does NOT contribute to the chances of developing breast cancer?

a. The Number of Hours, Per Day, a Bra Is Worn

b. A Family History of Breast Cancer

c. Obesity

d. Alcohol Consumption

13. What’s the term given to the vertical front closure of a corset?

a. Gusset

b. Center Gore

c. Hook-and-Eye Seam

d. Busk

14. Which item of intimate apparel would Betsy Ross NOT have worn?

a. A Shift

b. Panties

c. A Stay

d. Petticoats

15. The addition of which of the following laundering products brightens white lingerie?

a. Whiting Agents

b. Greening Agents

c. Bluing Agents

d. Purpling Agents

16. If the sizes of your breasts don’t match each other, what’s the best strategy to follow to obtain the best fit from your bra?

a. Choose a bra that fits the smaller breast and do your best to stretch out the cup that will hold your larger breast.

b. Choose a bra that has cups of two different sizes.

c. Choose a bra that fits the larger breast and soak the cup that will hold your smaller breast in hot water before its first use.

d. Choose a bra that fits the larger breast and use an insert in the cup that will hold your smaller breast.

17. In which decade did the push-up bra burst onto the fashion scene?

a. The 1940s

b. The 1950s

c. The 1960s

d. The 1970s

18. A year ago, the leader of which country was caught doodling pictures of women’s underwear during an international summit on climate change?

a. Nigeria

b. Brazil

c. Greece

d. Italy

19. In July, a man was caught trying to smuggle which items into Mexico by hiding them in a girdle he was wearing?

a. Bags of Heroin

b. Grenades

c. Test Tubes Containing Infectious Viruses

d. Monkeys

20. Which famous athlete said, “It’s not enough to swing at the ball. You’ve got to loosen your girdle and really let the ball have it.”

a. Billie Jean King

b. Babe Didrikson Zaharias

c. Margaret Court

d. Wilma Rudolph

So, how do you think you did? Here’s the answer key you can use to determine your intimates quotient.


1b; 2c; 3a; 4d; 5c; 6a; 7b; 8d; 9a; 10c; 11b; 12a; 13d; 14b; 15c; 16d; 17a; 18d; 19d; 20b.


0-5 Correct: Sorry. You’re an Intimates Wannabe.

6-10 Correct: Not bad. You’re an Intimates Consumer.

11-15 Correct: Very good. You Could Be an Intimates Mentor.

16-20 Correct: Outstanding! You Must Be an Intimates Genius.

Did you look at the answers before answering all 20 questions?

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