Arm Shapers Fight the Jiggle


2 Mar

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By MaryJo Kosisher-Demski
Cupid Intimates

Imagine, if you will, the following scenario.  It’s a lovely spring day.  You’re wearing a cute, short-sleeved T-shirt.  You’re at the airport, tearfully seeing off your husband or boyfriend.  He departs, but turns to wave one last time before dashing off to vanish among TSA personnel.  You wave back.  Suddenly, your arms flap as if you’re the one trying to become airborne.  To your astonishment, they continue to flutter even as you exit the airport, your wave having ended two minutes earlier.  Holy jiggling, Batgirl, when on earth did you sprout wings?

The appearance of batwings (also known as bingo arms) can strike women who are at either end of the weight spectrum or any point in between.  This embarrassing arm jiggling results when your triceps (Latin for “three-headed,” so-called because three bundles of muscle, each of different origin, join together at the elbow at the back of your arm) aren’t toned as well as they could be.  It is possible to banish that villainous, hanging fat that only the Legion of Doom could have created, and achieve the arms of a super-heroine, with a combination of isolation exercises (such as triceps extensions and dips) and the dedication to faithfully work this muscle group every other day.

What’s the best weapon in the battle against batwings?

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Looking for an easier solution?  If you want to fast-track your way to Wonder Woman status, shapewear is available that can come to your rescue.  For those of you truly eager to show off Cheetah-esque curves, the arm shaper is one of the intimate-apparel industry’s newest silhouettes and is becoming more and more visible in stores.  This garment is made in various styles; some combine the beauty of camisoles with the silhouette of shrugs; others have the looks of mini-shawls that cover the upper arms and wrap around the back.  A more conventional shapewear alternative is the compression T-shirt.  Not only does this garment eliminate that embarrassing arm-jiggle, it also erases other telltale signs of physical imperfection, like back fat and the muffin top.  You can layer it beneath your fave T-shirt, form-fitting turtleneck, or cat(woman)suit.  And if you’re truly as brave as a member of the Super Friends, you can find the perfect compression tee to stand alone as a sassy top.

It doesn’t take a Brainiac to defeat the dreaded batwing.  You can tone and tighten, don great shapewear, or use a combination of both techniques to conceal the jiggle, protect your true identity, and beat this arch-nemesis once and for all.  Go ahead, duck into your secret lair, and transform yourself.  When your loved one returns, you’ll be armed, dangerous … and truly fabulous!

CC Image courtesy of ~ggvic~ on Flickr / CC BY 2.0
CC Image courtesy of Erik Starck on Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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